The Snow Girl 2023 Review: Especially for Slow-Burn Lovers

The Snow Girl 2023: The Snow Girl is a mystery thriller series recently released on Netflix, which includes a total of six episodes. For an audience like me, who mostly likes to watch every drama in Hindi, this series was not released in Hindi. So much bad NEWS The story focuses on Miren, a young … Read more

The Fabulous Review

The Fabulous Review: This South Korean romantic comedy series, which has a total of 8 episodes with each lasting between 45 and 60 minutes, was just recently released on Netflix. It is also available in Hindi. So the story is about four friends who work in the fashion industry and the challenges they face in … Read more

7 Women and a Murder Review: Silly or Ridiculous

7 Women and a Murder Review: 7 Women and a Murder is a Netflix original mystery thriller film about whodunit. The story is of seven women who, after the murder of a man, start searching for the murderer hidden in their midst. So after all, who among these women has committed murder and why? 7 … Read more

Weak Hero Class 1 Kdrama Review

weak hero class 1 kdrama

Weak Hero Class 1 Kdrama Finally, I have finished watching the Weak Hero Class 1 Korean series, which has been released this year. Currently, it is neither dubbed in Hindi nor in English; right now, this series is available in its original language, but yes, you will get subtitles. The series comes with eight episodes, … Read more

Zarrar Movie Review: Pakistani Spy Action

Zarrar Movie Review

Zarrar Movie Review Zarrar is a Pakistani spy action thriller film that has finally been released in theaters. A rogue ISI agent Zarrar, who is on a secret mission, and his mission is to protect Pakistan’s nuclear program so that no one can gain control over it, will Zarrar be successful in his mission or … Read more

Khakee The Bihar Chapter Review: Khakee Netflix

khakee the bihar chapter review

Khakee The Bihar Chapter Review: Khakee Netflix Netflix has been fading in terms of Indian content. Yes, some series have been good, but Netflix has consistently failed to deliver good Indian content. But now they have the support of Neeraj Pandey. Yes, finally Neeraj Pandey’s new show Khakee: The Bihar Chapter has arrived on Netflix, … Read more

First Love Japanese Series Review

First Love Japanese Series Review

First Love Japanese Series Review Yesterday, a Japanese drama dubbed in Hindi dropped on Netflix called First Love. This series is nine episodes long; the length of each episode is kept around one hour. You have to watch this series alone because the focus is on nudity, etc., and overall it is an eighteen plus … Read more

Kantara Day 53 Official Worldwide Collection

Kantara Day 53 Official Worldwide Collection

Kantara Day 53 Official Worldwide Collection Currently Kantara is a little down at the box office, but it has made a good record, earning crores every day in almost twelve days, which is miraculous in itself. It is a matter of pity that in the Hindi version, this film earned one crore and twenty lakh … Read more

Wednesday Review: Supernatural Horror Comedy

wednesday review

Wednesday Review Wednesday is an 8-episode supernatural horror comedy series that has recently debuted on Netflix. The story is about Wednesday Addams, who comes to Never More Academy to study, but when she begins investigating a murder, she learns about the academy’s dark secrets. Wednesday Review To be honest, I’ve enjoyed this series because it’s … Read more