1899 Review 😯 Mind Bending Thrill

1899 Review

Netflix has finally released the brand new mystery thrill series 1899, which was made by the people behind the well-liked television program Dark.

Overall, you will have to invest seven hours to watch this series, so whether it is worth spending your time on it or not, let’s find out together.

Currently, I have seen only three episodes of this series, so my review will be based on this, and honestly, my mind is wandering here and there. See, I am not praising anyone, it can happen to you too. 

I had thought that I would go to the review only after completing it, but I could not stop at all. I am going to share my initial experience after watching the 1899 series.

1899 Review

First of all, I would like to tell you that yesterday I reviewed two dramas, The Wonder and second The English 2022 series

The story in both dramas is set in the eighteenth century, and in this 1899 series, the story is also based in the eighteenth century.

So the year is 1899, and a big water ship is traveling from London to New York City with passengers, and for the passengers on this ship, this journey turns into a certain dream when they find a wandering ship in the middle of the sea. You must watch this series to find out what happens in the story next.

The opening credits of this series are enough to give you goosebumps, and till now, whatever I have seen in the first three episodes has been exciting for me.

This series grabbed my attention right from the beginning. Because the set up is of a complex or unpredictable mystery in which I can see deep layers from now on, everything has been done so well that the world of this drama series will catch you right from the start, as well as you will enjoy the atmosphere.

1899 review

The end of each episode will compel you to watch the next episode and with intense comes surprising moments.

I can’t wait to see the next episodes. It’s going to be a challenging or frustrating experience for all of you, but in a good way.

So far I have liked the characters a lot, each character belongs to a different background, each character has its own secrets or hidden motives which will be revealed later, and I have full faith that this series will be fun further.


Right now, this much talk is enough. I am going to watch its fourth episode, and I hope you will also start watching this series and hope that it will not disappoint further. If you have also seen its episodes, like I have, then tell us in the comment box what your experience was.

Now I am going, I have to watch episode 4 also.

1899 Official Trailer Netflix:

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