20th Century Girl Review | Korean Movie 2022 (Netflix)

20th Century Girl Review | Korean Movie 2022 Netflix

20th Century Girl is a Korean romantic drama film that has been released on Netflix, and along with its original language, this series has also been brought into the Hindi language.

The main target of the story is Na Bo-ra, a high school girl who works to keep an eye on the love of her best friend at the behest of her friend because she goes from Korea to the USA, but for Na Bo-ra it becomes difficult to work when she falls in love with someone herself, and now you have to watch this film to know what kind of complications Na Bo-ra will have to face because of their feelings.

20th Century Girl Review

In my view it is a sweet or heart-touching film, despite the story being predictable, it will keep you engaged easily and later in the story big twists are also present, one of which you will be able to predict but the second twist you might not predict.

And because of the twist, you will not get to see a predictable ending here, which is a plus point.

What will keep you hooked on this drama from beginning to end are the likable characters and the sweet relationship dynamics between them and their conversation or interaction.

I am sure that you will love the character of Na Bo-ra right from the start because she is an energetic character and you will get emotionally invested in the characters and their conversations as the film progresses.

You will also get to see the actors’ performances well.

Weak Point

As I mentioned earlier, the story of this film is quite predictable and it is based on the romantic comedy genre, which is why you will not get to see anything new or different.

Wrap Up 

If you like films made in romantic genres, then this movie will prove to be a worthwhile experience for you. But if you are already tired of watching romantic comedies, then you can skip it if you want.

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