7 Women and a Murder Review: Silly or Ridiculous

7 Women and a Murder Review: 7 Women and a Murder is a Netflix original mystery thriller film about whodunit.

The story is of seven women who, after the murder of a man, start searching for the murderer hidden in their midst.

So after all, who among these women has committed murder and why?

7 Women and a Murder Review

Now, because it is a who-done-it mystery thriller film, and if you enjoy watching murder mysteries, you do not have to take things seriously while watching this movie because it is quite silly or ridiculous, which you can see if you want to pass the time by switching off your mind.

I found the characters a bit fun to watch, plus their conversations or interactions were also funny, and the mystery angle in the story also keeps you engaged well, especially if you haven’t seen many murder mysteries before.

The development of the story and characters has been kept only at the surface level; you will not get to see any special depth in anything.

In my opinion, you won’t be able to emotionally connect with the story or the characters.

There is nothing in this entire film that will shock or surprise you.


If you don’t have anything else to watch or do and you enjoy watching murder mysteries but haven’t had much experience with this genre, watch Who Done It? mystery thriller film 7 Women and a Murder.

Yes, a professional audience can skip this movie, and if you want, you can watch this movie with family too.

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