Action Thriller Web Series on Netflix [10 Best]

Since you’re reading this, I can assume that you enjoy watching and reading about action-thriller television shows and movies. So here is my list of the top 10 best action thriller web series that you should not miss.

All of us moviegoers love action thrillers because who would want to miss an experience in the age of the sitcom?

Action Thriller Web Series

  • Shooter 
  • Wu Assassins
  • Luke Cage 
  • Hawkeye
  • Tokyo Vice
  • Vincenzo
  • Reacher
  • Watchmen
  • Daredevil 
  • Warrior Nun

Let’s begin 😉

Shooter: Action Thriller Web Series

action thriller web series

The film follows an ex-Marine cop who gets caught up in some false charges and must now save his family, which is the most exciting part of this series.

There is no shortage of action or thrilling moments in this film, and a surprising twist has also been offered.

Not much attention has been given to the story or characters; some sub-stories do not fit into the main story, this is one of its biggest weak points.

It has a total of three seasons, in which episodes averaging 40 to 45 minutes are present.

IMDb 7.5/10

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Wu Assassins 

This series depicts the story of a super chief, and the way the action is designed with VFX is amazing; a true action lover must watch this drama once in his life.

action thriller web series

Yes, at some places the VFX feels unreal, and the story is also nothing special, but if you just want to see a fantasy adventure series in which the action is absolutely mind blowing, then you can give a try to this series available on Netflix.

IMDb 6.5/10

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Luke Cage 

action thriller web series

If you are in the mood to watch an electrifying series, then do not forget to try this film of the Marvel franchise, about a superhero who wants to reduce the crimes in his era.

Everything from action to VFX is tremendous, and the characters are also well made, especially those who have clear goals.

In the beginning, the story is slow, but as soon as the turn of action comes, at the same time, the story becomes interesting to watch. So far, two seasons of this franchise have been released, in which the episodes have an average length of 40 to 45 minutes.

IMDb 7.3/10

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Hawkeye: Action Thriller Web Series

action thriller web series

After the events of End Game, Hawkeye goes on a trip with his family, but unfortunately in this situation, he is summoned in his superhero avatar. This is a series with well-choreographed or well-framed action.

Although it does not have many weak points, its scope is very small because it has not been able to stay connected to the MCU; this is the only drawback I have found in it.

This series is available in multiple languages ​​on Disney Plus, and superhero fans must give it a chance.

IMDb 7.5/10

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Tokyo Vice 

The series centers on Jake Adelstein, a western journalist who works for a publication in Tokyo, and this job brings Jake closer to the dangerous crime world of Japan.

Guys, this is a high-budget series that has been shot only in Japan, and its fight scenes have also been performed by the actors themselves, which gives the story a very realistic feel.

Although there is a lack of action in this series, interesting characters or stories offer thrilling experiences.

IMDb 8/10

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This has been one of the most popular Korean series of the past year. The story is about a Mafia lawyer, and when this lawyer visits his homeland, the thrilling side of the story comes to the fore.

There is not much action in this series, but most of the action scenes are just WOW, and the dark comedy makes it even more fascinating, but the long running time of its episodes proves to be its weak point. If you want to enjoy comedy along with action, then this series is the perfect choice for you.

IMDb 8.4/10

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This is a superb dose of action. If Jack Reacher movies by Tom Cruise attract you, then Amazon’s original Reacher, will give you a deep experience of that universe.

A formal military policeman has come once again to teach criminals manners. Well choreographed and well executed action sequences are its first strong point, and excellent performances by actors become its second strong point.

But yes, the main villain of the story could have been improved a bit. Overall, all cinema lovers should try this series for an action-packed, thrilling ride.

IMDb 8.1/10

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It is considered a very dark thriller series, in which questions have been raised on vigilantes and police morality; 2019 is its release date; and it is based on the DC comic with the same title: when the government gives masked vigilantes the status of criminals, a dark revolution begins.

The wonderful writing or direction of this series perfectly presents its dark story; negative points in this series are negligible.

Don’t watch it just with expectations of action because its theme or story is more magical than action. This is a miniseries, so your time will not go away, with a total of 9 episodes available on Disney Plus.

IMDb 8.2/10

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In this era, there will not be any movie lover who has not heard the name of Marvel, but there are many people who have not yet tasted some of Marvel’s best blockbuster series.

Daredevil is one of the number one action thriller web series of the Marvel franchise.

This superhero series is the story of a blind lawyer who cannot see, but the rest of his parts are not less than any magic power, and this lawyer can save his city even after breaking the law.

IMDb 8.6/10

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Warrior Nun: Action Thriller Web Series

This is a supernatural fantasy drama action thriller web series that shows a refreshing level of combat action.

The choreography of its action scenes is outstanding. Showcasing the story of some demon-hunting holy nuns, the story revolves around an orphaned young girl who is suddenly given unexpected superpowers and made a part of a thrilling mission.

The action brought by missionaries or warrior nuns is the real draw of this series. Its first season was released on Netflix in July 2022.

IMDB 6.9/10

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Like these banging shows, this blog is also banging, so be a part of it today itself. I promise that I will keep telling you about such great entertainers who deserve your time.

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