All Quiet On The Western Front Movie Review

All Quiet On The Western Front Movie Review

Happy news, happy news, and happy news. Now what is the happy news? I am sure that you must be thinking something like this. Wait, I will tell you.

A brand new movie has been released on Netflix today called All Quiet On The Western Front.

If you are a series lover and wondering why we should watch this film, then you may suffer a huge loss because if you go to see it, believe me, it will make your day.

All Quiet On The Western Front Movie Review

You will have to give 2 hours and 23 minutes to watch this film. It has also been dubbed into Hindi for Hindi-speaking audiences like me, and do not doubt Netflix’s Hindi dubbing at all.

A lot of brutality exists in this film, as well as a few vulgar languages, which will also be heard.

This film is based on the war genre, and its story has been adopted from a novel which was released with the same name, All Quiet On The Western Front.

And this is not the first time a film adaptation of this novel has been made; in fact, many films have been made of this novel. But what is this movie going to show you so special? And will it be right to give your time to this or not?

The setting of its plot is set in the last segment of World War 1, where the story moves from the point of view of Paul, who joins the army for some time along with his friends.

Paul and his friends feel that the atmosphere of the war is not really hot, but after going to the field, Paul’s senses are completely blown away, so will Paul and his friends be able to survive till the end or not? To know, you have to watch this war drama film.

All quiet On The Western Front Netflix Review

If I had to describe this film in one word, it would be “mind-blowing,” but it does have flaws, including a story that may not be effective for Indian audiences.

If you are a lover of war dramas, then Netflix has presented you with the complete treat, which you do have to miss.

all quiet on the western front movie review

All of the elements that make a war drama film epic are present for war drama fans, and there was no shortage of tension, thrill, or excitement.

Along with the story, the execution or direction has been done very well, through which the atmosphere of cinematography or war was seen. It really creates an atmosphere.

The performances of the actors are absolutely worthy of praise. In every aspect, the actors have backed down at all, which means that the performances of the actors did not feel low anywhere.

Next, drama is also shown, where emotional angles are inserted, conversations between soldiers, a warlike atmosphere is seen. Despite the fact that the significance of a lady to a soldier in a battle is beautifully explained and demonstrated,

And the background music of this film was also solid.

Weak Points

A political angle is shown in the story, which was only touched on but not explored, due to how many big actors got to see their potential was completely wasted.

Now what are those big actors? You have understood, and if you do not understand, then know yourself.

The setting of the story is World War 1, and according to me, the story has been dragged.


If you like watching war drama movies, or if you are a lover of such movies, don’t waste time here, go watch it. This film will not only entertain you but also, because of its cinematography, performances of the actors, and drama, make your day.

I have seen many movies based on this concept, yet I liked this film a lot.

If you have also seen this film like me, then definitely tell me in the comments.

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Now bye.

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