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Appan Malayalam Movie Review

Appan is a Malayalam drama film directed by Maju, shot by Pappu, and edited by Kiran Das.

Along with Malayalam language it is also available in Hindi, so in case if you do not know Malayalam like me then don’t worry.

The story depicts a family in which the eldest member, Itty, was a dreaded criminal in his time, but now he has grown old, started living very ill, and cannot even move from his bed. But in spite of all this, Itty’s ruckus is not going away.

The family members are very upset with them and want it to go away soon.

The entire village wants Itty to go somewhere; what happens to Itty and what happens to Itty’s family members? I only decided to watch this movie to find answers to these questions.

Appan Malayalam Movie Review

First of all, the subject of its story is praised because it is the most different; yes, there is a newness to this Malayalam film.

Personally I like to watch South movies but only in Hindi language, before watching this film, when I researched it and I came to know that it is available in Hindi, I immediately saw it after completing my little bit of work.

For the last few years, Malayalam film makers have been bringing such high quality content, stories, concepts, the people of Hindi film industry cannot even think about making something like this.

Appan Malayalam Movie Review

So the story or its concept is quite new, in which a relationship is shown; Appan means father, and a father-son relationship, or some relationships, are so common around us that we see them as greatness.

Emotions, the wrap of relationships, and the hollowness of relationships are shown.

Itty’s daughter comes up to him, and she pretends to be appreciated as soon as she arrives, but her overall motive is to get a share of the property, and she runs away when she feels that this is not going to happen.

Appan SonyLIV

A human’s attitude or feelings, which are sometimes good and sometimes bad, become angry, then thoughtful, all of which are presented in a good manner.

Every character is well portrayed; their problems and fears are all very well visible.

Story focus on a particular village house, and most of the incidents are happening in this same house, dialogues, writing, or direction contribute a lot in such stories and all three things are perfect.

According to me, the audience will enjoy watching this film, and they will also be able to feel a lot of engagement, although in some places you may find this film slow.

Even though the technical aspect did not disappoint you, the camera work was also good, and the music department was also decent.


This film is almost two hours long, and there is no use of abusive language here; everything is kept simple, and it felt like a different kind of film to me.

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