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Banaras Movie 2022 Review

I was misled by seeing the concept of time travel, and then when I went to watch the film, there was a cliched love story going on.

Recently, a movie named Banaras has been released from the Indian South industry. The way the concept of the movie was put forward in the trailer—that someone is from the future and has come through time travel—there is nothing like this shown here.

Directly, the audience is trapped by the hoax of a new concept. In the first ten minutes, it seems that WOW started with the perfect topic, then began a love story that literally dragged on till the intermission, and in between, songs were also forcefully introduced, which is neither worth listening to nor worth watching.

Banaras Movie 2022 Review

I recommend to all of you with folded hands that please do not go to watch this movie as time travel or science fiction; you will definitely be disappointed because, in actuality, there is a love story inside.

Even “t” of time travel was not introduced till the intermission, and then, see their cleverness, a little glimpse of time travel is shown before the intermission so that the audience does not get up from the theater and leave.

And because of this reason, I stopped and said, “Yes, man, I have waited so long to see the time travel, so I wait a little longer,” but, by the way, I was thinking of leaving the theater and going home.

Banaras Movie Kannada

In the first half, only and only love angles have been drawn like chewgum; in the second half, when time travel starts presenting itself, I felt yes, finally now we will experience some time travel.

But no, they again play a game.

The story has no value; don’t fool people by showing this kind of content—time travel in the trailer, then a love story in the movie—what does it mean?

I’ve seen YouTubers doing clickbait, but now cinemas have also started clickbaiting.

Banaras Movie 2022

Neither does this film have a proper story nor is its concept clear. In every movie, whether it belongs to any industry, the presentation or concept should be good; otherwise, it is useless and no one would like to watch such movies.


Overall, if you want to spoil your mind, then you must watch this.

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