Barbarian 2022 Film Review with No Spoilers

Barbarian 2022 Film Review with No Spoilers

The Barbarian is a horror mystery thriller film that has been released on HBO Max or VOD, but unfortunately for Hindi audiences, this film has not yet been released in Hindi.

Tess comes to Detroit for a job interview, and before she arrives, she books a house for rent, but the worst and strangest begins to happen in Tess’s life when she knows that the house she booked for rent. There is already a man named Keith living there, and then Tess is forced to spend the night in that house.

After all this, to know what happens in the story, you have to watch this film which comes with a runtime of 1 hour or 43 minutes.

Barbarian 2022 Film Review

I have a request for you. If you want to enjoy this film well, if you want the story of this film to surprise you completely, then you do not have to watch the trailer of this film. Yes, you do not have to see the trailer for this film at all.

Start watching this film directly. The twists and turns present in the story will be able to surprise you. If you feel that whatever I said about the story of this film, you already understand a lot of things about what you are going to see in this movie, then you are wrong.

The story of this film is unpredictable and it is a situational horror movie. The horror of this film is hidden in the situation in which the characters, etc., get trapped.

Very beautifully, the creators of this drama have maintained the tension, suspense, and intensity in the story, and there are some good creepy, shocking, and surprising moments as well. 

You have to watch this film with full focus so that you can understand its interesting theme and the three main characters, Tess, Eve, or AJ, are absolutely likable, out of which you hate any character because of their antics and like some characters. 

Weak Point

The story of this film has issues of logic or believability, and I also found the ending of this film ridiculous.


OVERALL This is a very good and enjoyable experience. If you like to watch situational horror, mystery, and thriller movies, then I suggest you spend your time on this movie. And avoid watching this movie with your family because of the nudity. 

So now I’m leaving.


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