Best Hindi Web Series 2022

Here are some of the best Hindi web series released between July 2022 and September 2022.

Each series brings with it a different emotion or feeling, but the connection we feel in our regional language series is a different one. The condition is that there should be some amount of power present, due to which we all ignore the things here and there and invest in them.

Best Hindi Web Series 2022

Indian Predictor: Diary of Serial Killer

best hindi web series

This is a documentary depicting the story of fourteen different murders committed by Ram Niranjan, the most dangerous and scary murderer in the history of India till date, which I am sure will shake you to the core.

In its positive aspect, this series has not been able to deliver much, but the brutal sequences, violence, and tension were completely realistic, and the actors have also given their best performances.

In its quest to delve deeper into its theme, the series forgets to explain to the audience why the serial killer is committing murders after all.

IMDb 6.1/10

Duranga: Best Hindi Web Series

First of all, this series is a Hindi adaptation of the famous Korean drama “Flower of Evil.” In the story, there is a detective or a psychopath who are mysteriously connected to each other.

Some mysterious murders start taking place in the story, whose investigation starts, and then not only criminals but many dark mysteries come in front of the investigator.

best hindi web series

Twists and turns have a market here, and this is the plus point of this entire series. Apart from the main plots, subplots are also present in the story.

As this series is an adaptation of a very popular Korean drama, the story execution of that level was not in it; that level could not match it at all.

If you are a lover of Korean dramas, then don’t watch this series and watch its original version, Flower of Evil, which is available on Netflix; otherwise, if you don’t like Korean dramas and you like to watch Hindi content, then try Duranga.

IMDb 7.8/10

Crash Course: Best Hindi Web Series

This is an interesting drama series, which shows that the education system, which is considered to be the backbone of the country, has hidden so many dark secrets behind the name of competition and what effect they have on the lives of all the students who are in front of them.

Mainly, this series shows the story of competitions conducted in different coaching centers running in Kota, Rajasthan, and also offers the life situations of some students stuck in this competition game.

best hindi web series

I’m pretty sure you’ve already experienced all this in the Kota Factory, which is a masterpiece in itself.

This series, storywise, has not been able to bring anything unique of its own, but if you want to watch a show like Kota Factory, which carries the same amount of emotions and fun, then this series is good to watch for you.

All the actors have played their parts decently; you will also get decent comedy or drama, but yes, there is nothing new in this series, which proves to be its negative point.

If you want to enjoy a decent drama, then this series is available on Amazon Prime.

IMDb 7.3/10

Saas Bahu Achaar Pvt. Ltd.

This is a very beautiful comedy-drama series, which explains the importance of relationships or the value of self-confidence through the story of a common housewife named Suman, who, after some bad incidents in her life, starts improving her economic condition.

Now that Suman doesn’t have any other talents except for making pickles, which is her superpower, she tries her best to get her life back on track by making her superpower her armor.

This is a TVF series, but unfortunately no element like TVF is present in it, be it scenes or touch.

Overall, it is a decently entertaining show, so if you like realistic dramas and wish to follow along with the family, then this is for you.

IMDb 8.4/10

Delhi Crime Season 2: Best Hindi Web Series

It is a sequel to a great-great crime drama series, which gives a chance to see each case in a different way and from a different perspective.

Everyone knows that Delhi Crime was no less than a masterpiece, it has won the hearts of every movie fan due to its story or execution.

Everyone was waiting for season 2 of Delhi Crime, where we saw that the first case had been sorted out, but now crime or terror in Delhi has become a little different because criminals have become smart enough.

So watch the second season of Delhi Crime to enjoy the thrilling games between smart criminals and the police.

The way its twists and turns bring thrills to the story is amazing; like the rest of the previous part, the actor’s performance, characters, and cinematography are all perfect.

IMDb 8.5/10

Maharani S2: Best Hindi Web Series

The story of Maharani Season 2 starts from the exact same place where its season 1 ended, where we saw that Rani gets her husband jailed in an affair of a scam, and after that many enemies become her.

Now the enemy will take revenge, and from this point on, the revenge plot of the second season begins.

Political drama, dialogue, star-studded performances, and an interesting murder mystery will get you hooked and booked.

The drawback is very minimal, but yes, the length of the episodes was very long, which slowed down the story a little bit, but apart from that, everything was entertaining like the first part.

If you have invested time in its first part, then definitely do not miss investing time in its second part.

IMDb 7.9/10

Criminal Justice: Adhura Sach

This time the murder case of the country’s most loved child actress comes to court; its prime suspect is not ready to fight his case, but then hero advocate Madhav Mishra enters, and from this point on, the thriller of the story starts.

It is not at all like the rest of the courtroom dramas; yes, you will get an intense feeling from courtroom dramas, and the actors have also delivered excellent performances.

This series is full of drama, but the level of uniqueness is seen less; after three to four episodes, its story becomes very predictable.

Overall, it is an interesting courtroom drama with one of Pankaj Tripathi, every cinema lover should watch this show once.

IMDb 7.8/10


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