Best Movies on Hotstar 2022 [Top 5]

Best Movies on Hotstar 2022

In this world of entertainment, you do not have to search for entertainment for any good movie or series; day and night, I keep blowing my WiFi and bringing you the very top goods. Today I will tell you about some of the best Disney movies that you must see. 

Best Movies on Hotstar

Free Guy 

best movies on hotstar

Suppose this world is a video game, and you are its player. But you do not have to be a player; you want to be the hero of this whole world in which you are playing the game. But here, comedy has also been offered along with action.

IMDb 7.1/10


best movies on hotstar

Everyone loves love, and everyone has their own story, but one thing is always common: passion. The power of love, the pain of love that we all feel when the heart breaks, the first-ever bit of love—you get to see all this here. Most of the songs in this film were quite a hit in the market.

IMDb 7.7/10


best movies on hotstar

If you are a lover of science fiction movies and have a next vision, an out of the box thought like time travel or much more, Simple search MCU on hotstar, MCU means Marvel comic universe, all MCU movies, web shows available on hotstar like X-Man, The Guardians of Galaxy, Ms Marvel, etc.

You will also get even spider-man movies, but at present, Spider-man No Way Home has not been uploaded, maybe it will surely come in the coming time.

Raya: The Last Dragon 

If you are also a fan of animation like me, then this movie is for sure going to be for you. It tells the story of how a little girl sets out to save her empire by fighting an evil force that wants to rule the whole world.

IMDb 7.3/10

The Kingsman: The Secret Service 

This movie is full of spying, thrillers, fashion, comedy, and mystery, with a lot of action. All the scenes are present in this film; you are hardly able to get away from your screen, meaning it is absolutely sure to be fun. The story is of a secret agent who saves his people and his country by using his sharp mind.

IMDb 7.7/10


Now go quickly and start watching these movies; your chances of entertainment are absolutely 100 percent, and if you have kept watching some of these movies or have kept watching all the movies, then I keep coming up with such topics. 


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