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Bigg Boss 16 New Promo

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When it’s time to discuss important topics, Priyanka stays silent.

There has been a recent press conference in the Bigg Boss house, and now you all know that the promos have already been released, in which the media has become very tough and has asked very challenging questions to the family members.

There has been a media war on all the members, which means there is no one among the top 5 who has been spared by the media.

The question has been raised about Priyanka: “Priyanka, you speak a lot, but when it comes to the main issue, you become silent.” Priyanka says that it will never happen that I have not spoken on any main issue or that I have not raised my voice.

By the way, Priyanka raised her voice whenever she wanted to support the truth.

So, in the promo, this answer was given in a single line, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens in today’s episode.

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