Breathe into the Shadows Season 2 Review: Wait is Over

Breathe into the Shadows Season 2 Review

Season 2 of the psychological crime drama series Breathe into the Shadows is now available on Amazon Prime.

in case If you have not seen season one of it yet, then definitely watch it first.

This series comes with a total of 8 episodes; each episode is about 35–45 minutes long. The first part of this series seemed decent to me, and now that I have watched season 2 of it, sadly, it has also proved decent for me.

Breathe into the Shadows Season 2 Review

This time the story is not unnecessary long, so you will not feel the story is slow or draggy like in season 1, and I can say with confidence that it will not bore you anywhere because this time things move forward with a good pace and something keeps happening in the story, due to which your interest will be developed and maintained.

And you, as an audience member, will be aware that Avinash, who has been imprisoned in a psychiatric ward for nearly three years, has recovered, or does he still have his second personality, J, in him? And if J is still present in him, how will he come out, and how will he kill the six people he wishes to kill?

And will spector Kabir be able to stop this psychopath from murdering? You will want to know the answers to these questions, and that is why you will be decently engaged in the story, A new character, Victor, has also been introduced in the story, and I am impressed seeing Victor’s character.

Victor is an interesting addition to the story, which has many twists and turns.

Actors Performances

Overall, the actors’ performances are decent, especially Naveen Kasturia, who has made a decent contribution to the story.

Negative Aspects

I have seen issues of logic or believability in some aspects, and tension, intensity, or thrill are not present in the planning or execution of most of the killing scenes, and no growth is seen in all the old characters, due to the lack of growth in characters, my emotional investment as an audience could not grow, which is disappointing.

If the writing of season 2 had been a little better, then Abhishek Bachchan could have put his acting skills in front of the world very well.

In this series, Abhishek Bachchan no doubt gave one of the best performances of his entire career, but if the characters had been written and made well, then the actors would have been able to use their skills freely. 

Breathe into the Shadows Season 2 Trailer


Breathe Into The Shadows is a good psychological crime drama thriller series; its second season is also worth watching, and if you have been involved with the show since its inception, then its second season is a must watch.

And yes, the story was not finished in season 2, and season 3 will also come.

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