Cabinet of Curiosities Netflix Series Review: Anthology 2022

Cabinet of Curiosities Netflix Series Review: Anthology 2022

Cabinet of Curiosities is a horror anthology series which recently came on Netflix. This series has been made of 8 episodes, and as I told you, this is an anthology series, which means in each episode you will get different stories to experience.

And that is why you can watch any episode of this series first. At present, only 2 episodes have been released; the remaining 6 episodes will be released two by two daily.

Finally, I have finished watching the first two episodes and whatever turns out to be my overall answer, I will try to share it with you all.

Cabinet of Curiosities Netflix Review

First we discuss episode 1, “Lot 36,” where the focus is on a character named Nick, who is going through a very bad time in his life. But Nick gets caught in a dangerous situation when he is buying a very old storage unit and finds some mysterious items present in that storage unit.

After that, you have to watch episode 1 of the Cabinet of Curiosities series to know what is going to happen in the story. In my opinion, the first episode of this series is not a scary story. I will not call Episode 1 a horror story, but yes, it is a decent mystery thriller in which you will get to see supernatural elements.

Episode 1’s mystery about the story unit will keep you decently engaged with the show, and you’ll also get to experience some good intense or creepy moments in the ending.

Nick is a broken character. He is not a likable character, but because he is going through the worst of his life, when he gets stuck in a dangerous situation, you will definitely feel a little bit of concern for him.

And the character of Nick is played very beautifully by Tim Nelson, and apart from Tim, you will also love the performances of other actors, and the music, production quality, CGI, or VFX work of this show is absolutely amazing.

Overall, Ep. 1 of this show has been a fun experience for me. Let us now discuss episode 2 of this series, which is named Graveyard Rats.

Cabinet of Curiosities Review

The story of Episode 2 begins with a thief named Masson who steals the things of people buried in a grave. But Masson’s life’s ups and downs start coming when he suddenly gets trapped in a grave one day. Then you have to watch episode 2 of this series to know what will happen in the story.

To be honest, I liked episode 2 the most, especially the last 20 minutes, which were fun to watch where there was good suspense, tension, intensity, or thrill.

When Masson’s character gets stuck in the ground, the feeling is overwhelming, and at the end, you will get to see good jumpscares, and I am quite impressed with the overall story of Episode 2. The story started and ended very well.

All the characters are well established. I hated what Masson was doing in the story, and I was able to feel care for him when he was persistent in situations, and I was looking forward to him coming out of that particular situation as soon as possible. 

Episode 2 I liked it a little more than Episode 1. Now it’s an anthology series, so maybe you like some stories and some don’t at all.

Look, both the initial episodes of this series are enjoyable, so you must watch both of them once.

Now to see how episode 3,4,5,6 will be, and yes you can follow both the episodes of this series with your family as no kissing, or bold scenes of any kind are present in both of them, But in episode 2 some nudity is shown and adult languages ​​are also heard. 


When this series is completely released, I will do a detailed review of it.

Like me, if you have also seen this series, then go by giving your views in the comments.

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