The Fabulous Review

The Fabulous Review: This South Korean romantic comedy series, which has a total of 8 episodes with each lasting between 45 and 60 minutes, was just recently released on Netflix. It is also available in Hindi. So the story is about four friends who work in the fashion industry and the challenges they face in … Read more

7 Women and a Murder Review: Silly or Ridiculous

7 Women and a Murder Review: 7 Women and a Murder is a Netflix original mystery thriller film about whodunit. The story is of seven women who, after the murder of a man, start searching for the murderer hidden in their midst. So after all, who among these women has committed murder and why? 7 … Read more

Zarrar Movie Review: Pakistani Spy Action

Zarrar Movie Review

Zarrar Movie Review Zarrar is a Pakistani spy action thriller film that has finally been released in theaters. A rogue ISI agent Zarrar, who is on a secret mission, and his mission is to protect Pakistan’s nuclear program so that no one can gain control over it, will Zarrar be successful in his mission or … Read more

Goodnight Mommy Review 2022 | Worth Your Time

Goodnight Mommy Review

Goodnight Mommy Review This morning I saw a picture called “Goodnight Mommy” on Amazon Prime, which is a physiological thriller. The main focus of the story remains on Lukas or Elias, who go to meet their mother one day, and they learn that the mother has undergone facial surgery, due to which her face is … Read more

The Swimmers Review: Incredible Story

the swimmers review

The Swimmers Review A movie named The Swimmer has been released recently on Netflix, which I have lost sight of; you will have to spend around two hours to watch it. The best thing is that it has also come in Hindi, and you can show it to your family as well, but its content … Read more

Hansan Rising Dragon Review: Amazon Prime

hansan rising dragon review

Hansan Rising Dragon Review This week, a Korean film has been released on the Prime Video platform by converting it into a Hindi dubbed version called Hansan Rising Dragon, which you will have to spend two hours and nine minutes watching. Plus, you can enjoy this film with your entire family.  In a very old … Read more

Dharavi Bank Web Series Review: MX Player Dhamaka

Dharavi Bank Web Series Review

Dharavi Bank Web Series Review: MX Player Dhamaka Dharavi Bank is a crime thriller series that was released on MX Player. I have tasted it recently, and whether you should taste it or not, I will tell you.  The story is based in Dharavi, where a powerful crime lord named Thalaivan rules.  So the task … Read more

Drishyam 2 Review 2022 Better Than Ever 😀

Drishyam 2 Review 2022

Drishyam 2 Review 2022 Now that I’ve just returned from seeing Drishyam 2, the best thing is that there were a good number of people there, probably 30 or 40, and it was a morning show, which is ideal for this type of film. So, is Ajay Devgan’s Drishyam 2 worth your time or money? … Read more

The Wonder 2022 Review Metacritic | Yes It’s Different

the wonder 2022 review

The Wonder 2022 Review  The Wonder is a mystery drama film released on Netflix; through my experience, I will tell you whether this series is worth watching or not. The year is 1862, and Elizabeth, who is a nurse, comes from London to a small village in Ireland so that she can keep an eye … Read more

Kantara OTT Release Date Time Amazon Prime 2022

kantara ott release date time

Kantara OTT release date time | Kantara OTT price Kantara is a film that has shocked the entire film industry. This movie did very well in Canada, even in the Hindi version. It has worked to bring destruction, but many people are still waiting for its OTT. Some updates have come out regarding the Kantara … Read more