Smile 2022 Review | Psychological Horror

smile 2022 review

Smile 2022 Review I have just seen a psychological horror movie called Smile, the first fifteen minutes of which are enough to shock you and keep you hooked on the story. The pacing of this film is fast, which quickly comes to its main focus, without losing time. The most important thing in a horror … Read more

Is Chadwick Boseman in the new Black Panther?

Is Chadwick Boseman in the new Black Panther

Is Chadwick Boseman in the new Black Panther? What can be the biggest challenge for a filmmaker, the whole film has been thought about an actor, but at the end moment he says goodbye to the world, Black Panther, who got recognition on the screen, Chadwick Boseman is no longer among us but the show … Read more

Rorschach Malayalam Movie Review

Rorschach Malayalam Movie Review 

Rorschach Malayalam Movie Review  I have recently seen the Malayalam supernatural action thriller film Rorschach on Disney Plus Hotstar, whose overall length is 2 hours and 30 minutes. The plot follows the character of Luke, who claims that he had an accident near the forest and his wife disappeared, now the police think that his … Read more

Terrifier 2 Movie Review: No Spoilers | Horror Slasher

terrifier 2 movie review

Terrifier 2 movie review spoilers free The horror slasher movie Terrifier 2 has just been released on VOD, but unfortunately for Hindi-speaking viewers like myself, it is not yet available in Hindi. First of all, this is the sequel to the 2016 film The Terrifier, whose story is continued in this sequel, and in case … Read more

DAMaN Odia Movie Review | A Must-See for Everyone

daman odia movie review

DAMaN Odia Movie Review | A Must-See for Everyone Goodness automatically reaches the people. DAMaN is an Odia biographical social drama film based on the life of Dr. Omkar Hota, who saved hundreds of lives during an impossible mission between 2015 and 2018. Dr. Omkar Hota is the name of the real hero, around whose … Read more

Emergency Declaration 2022 Review

Emergency Declaration 2022 Review

Emergency Declaration 2022 Review Emergency Declaration is a South Korean action thriller film that has been released on Amazon Prime and is directed by Han Jae-Rim. A deadly virus spreads in a flight going from Korea to Hawaii, and people start dying one by one, so an emergency is declared to land the plane, but … Read more

Appan Malayalam Movie Review | Appan SonyLIV

Appan Malayalam Movie Review

Appan Malayalam Movie Review Appan is a Malayalam drama film directed by Maju, shot by Pappu, and edited by Kiran Das. Along with Malayalam language it is also available in Hindi, so in case if you do not know Malayalam like me then don’t worry. The story depicts a family in which the eldest member, … Read more

Is Entergalactic Movie Good: My Honest Opinion

Is Entergalactic Movie Good

Is Entergalactic Movie Good. On Netflix, I just saw an adult romantic comedy-drama animated picture named Entergalactic, directed by Fletcher Moules. If you enjoy watching romantic films, TV shows, etc., you must be at least eighteen years old, if not, skip this movie. This movie comes with a nineteen-minute runtime. I saw it in Hindi … Read more

Luckiest Girl Alive Review | Decent Mystery 2022

luckiest girl alive review

Luckiest Girl Alive Review Luckiest Girl Alive is a mystery thriller film, which was released on Netflix on September 30, 2022, and directed by Mike Barker. The story is of Ani, who lives in New York and in whose life everything is going perfectly. In this perfect life, twists and turns start coming at the … Read more

Mili Movie 2022 Review | Survival Thriller

mili movie 2022 review

Mili Movie 2022: I recently saw a movie called “Mili” in a cinema near my house, which is a survival thriller. Already two films have been made on the subject of this one. The story focuses on Mili, who does a part-time job in a fast food shop, and one day Mili is accidentally imprisoned … Read more