Barbarians Season 2 Review | Historical Drama Show

barbarians season 2 review

Barbarians Season 2 review: The Barbarians is a German historical drama series whose season 2 has finally been released on Netflix, so if you haven’t seen season 1, then watch it first because the story has been continued in season 2 as well.  There are 6 episodes present in Barbarians Season 2. The length of … Read more

TVF Tripling Season 3 Review | TVF Disappoint Us

tvf tripling season 3 review

TVF Tripling Season 3 review: I always have sky-high expectations from TVF shows. Just yesterday, season 3 of the funny series Tripling, made by TVF, hit the market. In the story, the parents of Chandan, Chanchal, or Chitvan are getting separated. For this reason, these three come together once again so that they can talk … Read more

The Peripheral 2022 Review: Amazon Series [No Words]

the peripheral series review

The Peripheral 2022 Review: The Peripheral is a sci-fi drama, action thriller series that was released on Amazon Prime. This series has a total of 8 episodes, but only 2 have been released so far. The remaining 6 episodes will come every Friday. And this series has also been released in the Hindi language for … Read more

Good Bad Girl Sonyliv Review | Now SonyLiv Disappoint Us

good bad girl sonyliv review

Good Bad Girl Sonyliv review | Good Bad Girl Sonyliv | Good Bad Girl web series | Good Bad Girl review I have high expectations from most Sonyliv shows because, till now, Sonyliv has been delivering praiseworthy content and recently there has been an adventure drama series coming from Sonyliv called Good Bad Girl.  The … Read more

The Extraordinary Attorney Woo Hindi Dubbed Review

the extraordinary attorney woo hindi dubbed review

The Extraordinary Attorney Woo Hindi Dubbed Review Don’t miss this. This particular word is very heavy and dangerous. You would like to say this word to someone only when you see something new or different. If you do not know, then let me tell you that yesterday The Extraordinary Attorney Woo’s drama was released in … Read more

She Hulk Web Series Review | Marvel’s Garbage

she hulk web series review

She Hulk Web Series Review | She Hulk Review | She Hulk Marvel | She Hulk MCU | Is She Hulk good or bad | She hulk Disney Plus review. So, She-Hulk is over. Now thank God. Thank God for what I am saying that you must have understood, and if you do not understand, … Read more

Shantaram Web Series Review | Shantaram Apple TV

shantaram web series review

Shantaram web series review: Shantaram Apple TV Shantaram is a drama series which was recently released on Apple Plus. This series consists of 12 episodes, but currently only 3 have been released. The rest of the episodes will be released one by one every Friday. And along with English this web series has also been … Read more

The Lord of the Rings 2022 Review | Amazon Prime

The Lord of the Rings 2022 Review

Amazon Prime | The Lord of the Rings 2022 Review The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of power is a big-budget series on Amazon Prime whose finale episode has been released now. Finally, I have seen this series completed and now I will tell through this review whatever my overall opinion is after watching … Read more