Causeway 2022 Review | Slow-Paced Psychological Drama

Causeway 2022 Review

Apple TV Plus’ brand new drama, Causeway, is now out; it is directed by Lila Neugebauer, and the main leads are Jennifer Lawrence or Brain Tyree Henry.

This film is not for every audience, and hardly anyone can connect with its story. The story is of a US soldier who suffers from traumatic brain injury in his daily life and how he moves forward during traumatic brain injury, which is shown through the character of Lynsey and somewhere else, James.

Causeway 2022 Review

The way the relations between these two have been brought down on the screen, the creators should be full of praise; the conversation and interaction of these two is not less than any truth.

I have to say that the character’s emotions are very strong; when they laugh, then you will also laugh; when they are sad, at the same time you will also be grieving with them. The main focus of this film is friendship or how trauma is dealt with, which it shows very well.

The story starts on a dark or serious note, but gradually it starts becoming normal, and as I said in the beginning, this is a drama film, so its pacing is slow, and you have to watch it with patience.

If you like watching drama movies, then obviously you will like this movie. According to me, this film will win all the nominations.

The director of this film is Lila Neugebauer, who made a drama series like Maid, which was absolutely worth watching in my eyes. Be it the actor’s performance, direction, or character development, each and every thing is perfect, which presents its story very well.


Overall, Causeway is a very good drama film that you should check out once, especially if you like watching slow-paced psychological dramas.

So this was my review of the film Causeway; what do you think about it? Definitely tell us in the comments.

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