Dahmer Netflix Review | Shocking, Disturbing or Horrifying

Dahmer Netflix Review | Shocking, Disturbing or Horrifying

Two-three days ago, I saw a thriller series on Netflix called Dahmer, which has ten episodes of sixty-sixty minutes.

It is a series based on a true incident, where the story of Jeffrey Dahmer, a serial killer, is described from beginning to end.

The story of Jeffrey Dahmer is shocking, disturbing, or horrifying; even some scenes become difficult to experience. What is happening after all? And what are we listening to?

Dahmer Netflix Review

If you study the overall history of America, then you will know about terrible serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer, or even him, and the ways they have committed crimes that even animals should not think of doing.

American history is filled with many such different serial killers, especially if we pay attention to some past years. Even though crimes are still not stopping, some keep happening every day in America.

Mindhunter is also a similar series to Dahmer, but it presents the story of multiple criminals, which American history is completely filled with, and if we compare Mindhunter and Dahmer, then Mindhunter, according to me, is ten times better than Dahmer.

Well, coming back to our topic, Jeffrey Dahmer, who looks very decent but in reality is not that decent, loves his family members a lot, like his father, mother, and grandmother. He understands them and also takes care of them.

In Mindhunter or Dahmer, in both the series, what we got to know about serial killers was their beliefs about sexual fantasies, due to which they turned into criminals over the years.

In the last episode of the Dahmer series, some people in the crime department wanted to study Dahmer’s mind, even though they had gone to the court to get permission, although Dahmer’s father had opposed this and the court had stopped all this.

Same was the case with Mindhunter as well: two different FBI agents were trying to know the mentality of criminals.

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

From the 1980s to the 1990s, Dahmer made many people his victims; he committed different types of murder; and even ate people’s meat.

Now why was Jeffrey Dahmer doing all this, how was he caught by the police, and what was his punishment? You have to watch this series to know.

If I define this series in a few words, then it’s a horrifying experience for me; the visuals, the story, and the brutal character in the story will break your heart.

How a person can become a monster or a devil by crossing every level of savagery has been shown in this story. When the story was introduced to Dahmer, then seeing it, I did not feel from any angle that this person would later become an evil like this.

dahmer netflix review
dahmer netflix review

In a way, I was blown away by the growth of Dahmer’s character. Seeing the way Dahmer kills people, and then later chills down and does activities with their bodies, my soul swells.

Well, a lot of documentaries have been made on Jeffrey Dahmer, of which I have not seen any.

The screenplay for this series is quite engaging. In the initial episodes, my interest has no value because there are many things related to Dahmer that are very well established.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s early life, how he became so ferocious, how the police caught him, the victims’ family aspects, etc. are all shown with great depth in this series.

Dahmer Netflix Review Decider

Even Peter’s work was very impressive and realistic. He played the role of Jeffrey Dahmer very well. I hated him a lot. When his evil shadow comes out, he plays his role as real Is.

BGM is superb; all the horrific things performed, their value increases, and it’s BGM.

Ryan Murphy is the creator of this show, who is a master at making horror films, and most of his horror films are offbeat, and this time too he has made a different horror feel.

To be honest, he shocked us all with his direction. This is a limited series; that is, the story has ended in ten episodes.

I felt a bit bored, but as soon as the climax came, the words came out of my mouth. It’s an amazing thriller series.


Definitely, Dahmer is an one-time watch show. Yes, its pacing was a bit slow, but you should not miss this series, especially if you are a crime thriller lover.

I have seen this in Hindi dubbed, which was good.

And by the way, I will say that if you want to stay away from disturbing kinds of dramas, then this series is not for you; don’t watch it.

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