DAMaN Odia Movie Review | A Must-See for Everyone

DAMaN Odia Movie Review | A Must-See for Everyone

Goodness automatically reaches the people.

DAMaN is an Odia biographical social drama film based on the life of Dr. Omkar Hota, who saved hundreds of lives during an impossible mission between 2015 and 2018.

Dr. Omkar Hota is the name of the real hero, around whose noble deeds this movie is made.

The name of Dr. Omkar Hota in this film is Siddharth, whose character is played by Babushan Mohanty.

DAMaN Odia Movie Review

Siddharth is an MBBS doctor whose luck has brought him to the Odisha district of Malkangiri. I use the word “luck” because some tasks are simply too difficult for everyone to complete, and God only picks a select few to complete them. 

In the village where Siddharth comes, he sees that the people do not have any basic facilities, like mobile networks, electricity, roads, or medical facilities. Now you tell me why someone would want to live in such a place after studying MBBS.

But Siddhartha decides to stay in this village for some reason. Now what is that reason exactly? You have to see it in this movie.Let me explain a bit.

Many people in the village are suffering from malaria. Sid decides to save their lives by curing them, but it is not an easy task at all because a single person will not be able to cure the people of 151 villages who are suffering from malaria.Still, Siddharth does not give up and starts an impossible mission; to know what that impossible mission is, you have to watch this movie.

Odia Movie Daman

You will be shocked to see the way Siddharth works and his dedication.

The presentation of the movie is neat and clean, although its budget was quite low, but its content or Babushan Mohanty’s tremendous performance are its strong pillars.

It is not necessary for a movie to have a crore rupees budget and to use a lot of VFX or different technology to make a good picture and to touch the hearts of the public.

This movie has been shot on real locations; the cinematography is also amazing, so you will connect with it very strongly, as well as the direction and BGM, screenplay is also amazing, which will keep the audience engaged with you. There is no scene in this film that has been unnecessarily drawn or that will bore you.


This film should have been released on a large scale in Hindi or other languages ​​as well, and I am sure that now this film will automatically start being distributed among the viewers, and it deserves to do so.

The message of this movie is also an example of humanity, which should reach as many people as possible. I’d like you to support this film so that we can see more high-quality films like it in the future.

Support Daman Movie.

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