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Der Pas Review Amazon Prime

Der Pas, a German crime drama web series, was released on Prime Video yesterday; it has two seasons in total, each with eight episodes. This is not a good choice if you like to watch movies and TV shows with your family because it contains everything from brutality to lewdness.

This series is for people over the age of 18 and is based on crime thrillers, so will it be able to offer you something new in the crime thriller genre or not? Wait a while, and I’ll tell you.

The story follows two detectives, Ellie and Gedeon, who are both looking for the serial killer who is committing one heinous murder after another. Will the detectives, who are from different countries, be able to solve the case?

Der Pas Review Amazon Prime

I am very impressed with its cinematography, which shows the locations, gives a cool feel, and feels like going there.

This series is kept quite dark, due to which its thrill or tension moments shine out and its mystery is not very great or new. Rather, it is seen from the point of view of a serial killer, which Ellie or Gedeon investigate, and the angle of their investigation will keep you connected with the mystery.

And overall I liked the layer of suspense that was present in this mystery, plus every episode that ended on a cliffhanger has also worked for me. Actors performances are very good, especially Julia Jentsch or Nicholas Ofczarek.

This is a well-written series, due to which the execution, detailing, twists, surprises, and set pieces are all very good. Although there are some shortcomings in this series too, I do not want to talk about them. 


Overall, if you want to see a suspense crime thriller show where a serial killer is involved and two investigation officers are trying to catch him, if you agree, check it out once.

The mystery or suspense will appeal to both a professional and a general audience.

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