Dharavi Bank Web Series Review: MX Player Dhamaka

Dharavi Bank Web Series Review: MX Player Dhamaka

Dharavi Bank is a crime thriller series that was released on MX Player. I have tasted it recently, and whether you should taste it or not, I will tell you. 

The story is based in Dharavi, where a powerful crime lord named Thalaivan rules. 

So the task of ending the rules of Thalaivan is given to JCP Jayant Gavaskar. Can JCP Jayant be successful in his task or not?

If you like watching dramas based on the gangster genres of Bollywood, then good news here is the segment that will keep you hooked from beginning to end.

Dharavi Bank Web Series Review

Personally, I have had a good time after watching this series because love, cheating, revenge, dirty politics, a lot of action, blood, violence, brutal killing scenes, strong characters, big reveals, and twists and turns are present in it.

All the actors’ performances are strong, especially Sunil Shetty as Don. In terms of overall production quality, it also succeeds, Dharavi has been captured beautifully. This series has all the elements that you would expect from a Bollywood gangster type drama movie.

Weak Points

This is an outdated show, which means there is nothing new in the story. I am sure you have already experienced such stories in Bollywood movies, and that is why I was able to make predictions in the story.


The story is still incomplete; season 2 is yet to come. See, I have liked this series, and if you have not seen many dramas in the gangster genre, then yes, this is a good option for you.

But if you are tired of watching Bollywood gangster dramas again and again, then skip it.

This series is not meant to be watched with family, as abuse is heard a lot and there are some adult scenes too.

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