Drishyam 2 Review 2022 Better Than Ever 😀

Drishyam 2 Review 2022

Now that I’ve just returned from seeing Drishyam 2, the best thing is that there were a good number of people there, probably 30 or 40, and it was a morning show, which is ideal for this type of film.

So, is Ajay Devgan’s Drishyam 2 worth your time or money? The simple answer is yes.

Bollywood has come out with a worthy sequel after a long time, which deserves your time and money.

Drishyam 2 Review 2022

The story begins seven years after the events of Drishyam Part 1; now Vijay and his family are trying to move forward from their dark past, and Vijay’s dream of opening a theater has come true, but his daughter Anuju is still struggling to overcome her past, and for this reason she is taking medical help.

When Tarun Ahlawat enters and begin questioning Vijay or his family about the unsolved Sam case, Nandini is terrified that something will go wrong at any moment. The plot of Drishyam 2 details the difficulties Vijay and his family encounters.

I didn’t see any issue in this part; the feel that was in its first part is the same in this part too. The screenplay was engaging but bores a bit in the first half.

Every scene has a purpose in the story’s progression, and the climax will reveal what those purposes are.

The last 30-40 minutes of just WoW🤯, twists and turns, or climax, has shown its amazing. Honestly, its main USP is its climax, which will be able to shock you completely.

Whatever has been seen happening in this film has some or other reason hidden behind it; the level of logic or sense in the story is good, and unnecessary things have not been shown.

It also has a good star cast; all of the actors did a good job, especially Ajay Devgan. Akshay Khanna had less screen time but shone in the scenes.

Devi Sri Prasad Ji has provided the music for this film, and the BGM in the most thrilling portions is superb. The way BGM has built up the tension is amazing.

Watch it or Not 

First of all, this movie is a remake of the Malayalam film Drishyam; if you have already seen that original movie, then its twists and turns or climax will not offer you anything new; you will already know what we get to see.

But overall, the experience of Drishyam 2 has been very good for me, she delivers what I was expecting from this film. This is a very neat and clean film; you can go watch it with your family as well.

So, guys, if you have also seen Drishyam 2 like me, then do not forget to tell me your feelings in the comment box.

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