Enola Holmes 2 Review: Simple Fun To Watch

Enola Holmes 2 review

This week’s final content is Enola Holmes 2, which is out on Netflix. Is this movie worth your time? Stay connected to know what is good and bad about this.

Enola Holmes 2 story

The story of Enola Holmes continues. Enola has now finally gotten its first professional case, which is a missing girl, so now the questions arise: who is that missing girl? Who kidnapped her? And if she didn’t get kidnapped, then where did she go?

After all, to know whether she will be able to get it or not, watch Enola Holmes 2, which is available on Netflix with a total runtime of 2 hours and 8 minutes.

Enola Holmes 2 Review

If I review Enola Holmes in a few words, then it’s good fun to watch film; you don’t need to run your brain much while watching this; your job is just to enjoy it.

If you watch this film with such a mindset, then it is definitely worth your time.

The story is simple; a thriller is offered along with some decent comedy, and the character’s motivation is good.

We got to see Millie Bobby Brown as the lead actor, and this is the one who played the iconic character named Eleven in Stranger Things.

enola holmes 2 review

Seeing Millie Bobby Brown, it was hard for me to believe that it belonged to Stranger Things.

Millie Bobby Brown’s acting performance was very good, it was a great experience seeing them, and there was a lot of energy present in their performance.

Henry Cavil, who played the role of Millie Bobby Brown’s elder brother Sherlock Holmes, was also a major part of the film, and he also did good justice to his role, and as compared to the first part, Henry Cavil had more screen time.

Enola Holmes 2 Netflix

Visually, this movie is a treat to watch. First of all, the art design, set design, and costume design are superb, and the creator has very well recreated old times.

The cinematography is also great; locations were captured pretty well, and the background music was impressive too.

The mystery of this film has no energy or power, which you expertly note; yes, the suspense was good but the X factor is not, and the subplots also do not create much impact; in the middle, you may feel that the story is stretched.


At the end, Enola Holmes 2 is a fun movie to watch; it is not made with any complex, intense, or dark motives; it is a simple and decent entertainment movie.

This film is a great option for passing the time; I have seen it with Hindi dubbing, which was enjoyable.

So guys, this was my review of “Enola Holmes 2.” I hope you love it.

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