First Love Japanese Series Review

First Love Japanese Series Review

Yesterday, a Japanese drama dubbed in Hindi dropped on Netflix called First Love.

This series is nine episodes long; the length of each episode is kept around one hour.

You have to watch this series alone because the focus is on nudity, etc., and overall it is an eighteen plus drama.

First Love Netflix Japanese

The story depicts the character of Yae or Namiki, who meet each other in school and, even without wanting to, like each other and then fall in love, but their lives are not easy at all and their current situation is very different as compared to the past.

Now that they have been separated and their lives have taken different paths due to twists and turns, they meet again in the present timeline; to find out what happened in their past and what will happen next now that they have met, you must watch the Japanese television series First Love.

First of all, the story of this series is very beautiful, yes, and it will attract especially romantic genre lovers, but this drama is not suitable for action lovers because my friend and I have watched this series together, and he didn’t like it at all and left in the middle and went away.

First Love Japanese Series Review

The first plus point is that its story was written with patience and care, and it was also beautifully executed, as a result of which the bonding of characters’ chemistry is so strong that it will make you emotionally weak.

You will be able to enjoy the journey of both the girl and the boy very well. At some places, I have become emotional along with laughing.

Family angles have also been inserted, like that of Namiki’s sister, which means there are some subplots along with the main story that work well.

When Namiki or Yae are brought face-to-face, it directly affects the heart. The story was not presented in a linear way but was presented in a non-linear way, due to which the story jumps between past and present timelines.

To understand the characters well, you will have to watch at least one or two episodes. I also like character development, due to which you will be able to connect with each and every character.

In the rest of the technical department too, this drama has been seen shining, be it visuals, locations, snow scenes, everything is good.


In terms of weakness, it does not show anything new in its romantic aspect; it is the same old typical romance, which I am pretty sure you must have already experienced in many dramas. And the pacing of the drama is a little bit slow; in the middle portion, the episodes feel quite draggy.


If you enjoy romance and enjoy watching romantic things, or if you enjoy romantic dramas, then this series is for you.

As I said in the beginning, if you are an action lover, then this drama might not work for you. Personally, I have liked this series, I did not expect much, but according to the content it is selling, I liked its goods.

I hope you liked reading my review of Japanese drama First Love.


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