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Many TVF series have had sequels this year, and Season 3 of Flames was recently released.

Flames is a teenage romance drama web series. The story of Flames season 3 continues from its second part. Now students have stepped into the 12th standard.

Ishita or Rajat have broken up, but they are still good friends. But somewhere, Rajat is thinking that Ishita should become his true girlfriend again.

This is a very feel-good type of series, TVF has balanced the story well. Otherwise most of the sequels of TVF this year were not up to the mark at all.

If you have not yet seen the Flames series or its season 3, then go away because there are many spoilers available here regarding this series.

Flames Season 3 Ending Explained

This series consists of five episodes, and in the last episode, Ishita and Rajat decide that they will remain friends only; but Rajat’s feelings for Ishita remain intact, and he remains insecure about Ishita’s new friend Batri throughout the season. Everything gets sorted out in the end. 

This time, Rajat’s brother Nikhil also enters the story, who is an IITian, ​​and a different angle of Nikhil has been explored, due to which he remains very sad and also helps Rajat with his future.

Nikhil meets with an accident, in which all the characters are in tension, but he returns home safely, which was shown in the last. Ishita becomes upset when Rajat calls her selfish, and she expresses her sorrow in front of her father. 

Ishita calls Rajat, but Rajat stops picking Ishita’s calls, etc., and the next day, Rajat himself reaches out to Ishita to meet at Batri’s party, but Batri sends Ishita back after explaining.

At this point in the story, it is revealed that Batri is not a bad boy. There was nothing bad in Batri’s heart, but his heart was clean, and he was indirectly helping Ishita or Rajat. Initially, it seemed that a relationship angle would be shown between Batri and Ishita, but nothing like this happened.

Now a conversation is going on between Ishita and Rajat, where both of them share their hearts with each other, and in the end, everything goes well.

On the other hand, between Pandu and Anusha, everything seems to be good too, and Anusha starts respecting Pandu even more, as well as Anusha’s brother also starts giving respect to Pandu.

So both the love story going on in the story gets sorted out at the end, but a big question has arisen in the story regarding the future of the children because this year is the 12th of the children and there is a big problem at their coaching center.

Twist and Turns

The people of the colony hold a meeting to stop the coaching. They stop the coaching by making strange allegations against Kaushal Sir and his students. He is completely broken from the inside, but still goes to teach his students, and while teaching he gets a minor heart attack and gets admitted to the hospital.

All the children go to meet Kaushal Sir, but his wife says that now this coaching is stopping. At this point, the children get a big blow, and everyone is sad from the inside, which is where season 3 of Flames ends.

As in the previous seasons, more attention was given to the love story. In the coming Flames part, there will be a little more focus on studies and the future. Kaushal Sir treats all his students like his own children, because Kaushal Sir has no children.


To be honest, all the Flames’ seasons, have been excellent, and I am confident that the upcoming seasons will be equally so.

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