From Scratch Review | Netflix’s Well-Made Love Story

From Scratch Review | Netflix’s Well-Made Love Story

Hey guys, what’s going on? This Friday, a romantic drama series is listed on Netflix called From Scratch. When I was watching this, I was not sure whether this would work for me or not, but as I went ahead with this show, it made my day.

If you don’t like watching romantic series, then I don’t think they will be able to entertain you.

This series consists of 8 episodes, and the length of all the episodes is approximately one hour. You have to watch this series with patience because it is slow in terms of pacing.

If you love watching romantic-type drama movies or series, then I would highly suggest you watch this show.

From Scratch Review

The story is not only a love story, but a well-made love story that has been presented with great love in which the ups and downs have been perfectly balanced, and the family angle was also very good. I found both the main lead characters, Amy and Lino, likable, and their chemistry was too.

I was very impressed after watching the first episode of this show, and that’s why I decided to watch this series further, after which I was completely immersed in episodes 1 and 2. Excellent actor performances or storylines are a big reason for all of this. 

The story follows Amy, who is currently in Italy due to her studies. Then Amy meets a boy named Lino, who is a Sicilian chef. Amy and Lino fall in love with each other and face many challenges to keep their love alive.

The way this series has shown relationships, problems, or situations was relatable due to the fact that I was completely involved in this show. This is a limited series, i.e., the story has been scrapped, season 2 is not coming, and I found it quite disappointing because I wanted to see more of the situations and characters of this show.

From Scratch Netflix

You may get a little emotional after watching the ending of this show because the emotional angle of the story is quite strong.

Apart from the relationship, the family drama I got to see was also good, about which I was not going to give any spoilers, but yes, it was relatable and engaging.

Although all the performances were very good, the performances of both Zoe Saldana, who is the main lead actor, and Eugenio Mastrandrea were life-threatening. And how he presented his emotions, makes the show even more worthwhile to watch.

The rest of the series had superb direction, BGM, and cinematography as this series is set in Italy and the way Italy was shown is impressive.


Overall, I would like to praise this series even more, but it will come with a spoiler aspect, so if you want to see a beautiful love story that makes you feel real, then you must check out this show once.

So, guys, this was my review of the From Scratch series, which has come on Netflix. If you have seen this series, then tell me in the comments.

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