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Good Bad Girl Sonyliv review | Good Bad Girl Sonyliv | Good Bad Girl web series | Good Bad Girl review

I have high expectations from most Sonyliv shows because, till now, Sonyliv has been delivering praiseworthy content and recently there has been an adventure drama series coming from Sonyliv called Good Bad Girl. 

The Good Bad Girl story is about a girl named Maya Ahuja who is a lawyer. Truth and lies are all equal for her, so to know what kind of changes her theory of truth and lies brings in her life, you have to watch this series.

There are a total of 9 episodes in this series. The length of each episode has been kept from 35 to 40 minutes.

Good Bad Girl Sonyliv Review

Now if I define the Good Bad Girl web series in a few words then it’s a great nonsense and very boring series. Honestly I was very excited to see the trailer of this series but just didn’t enjoy it when I watched this series in its entirety.

Even though this series did not touch Sonyliv’s level from any angle, I was feeling that I was watching some Alt Balaji series.

Look, friends, to be very honest with you, its concept is very good, very interesting, but the way it is presented is extremely disappointing, extremely bullshit and extremely boring.

And to be again honest with you there is no power in its screenplay but the performances of the actors were good. 

Samridhi Dewan is leading this series and looking at her, she seems to have lived her character every second, be it her body presence, her expressions Wow.

And the actor who was given the role of Maya’s childhood, I really liked that cute little girl.

Also the performance of Gul Panag and Vaibhav Raj Gupta was also very good.

The production value of the series is very good, the open sound track was quite impressive which meant that it was bringing a very globe feel.

Good Bad Girl Web Series

Just no more praise, apart from this I did not feel anything good about this series, this series was bad and ridiculous.

Some good examples could have been taken to explain the definition of truth and falsehood, but the sexuality chosen, whether to show truth or lie, has been shown in both places.

I feel that Sonyliv picked up the content of Alt Balaji and put it on his platform. In this show a lot of sexual things have been filled, due to which every limit of nonsense has been crossed and the way these things were tried to justify, it is even worse.

This series is nothing, just the concept is good, the rest of the things are just nonsense.

I could not get the good feeling that should come after watching a show or series, a series should have a good screenplay with good concept, characters should be likable but sorry to say there is nothing like this here. 


This is not a family series at all because there are abuses and adult scenes present.

According to me, you should not spend time on this series. It is better that you watch Marvel’s brand new Werewolf By Night, which is a short film of 53 minutes. 

So guys, this was my review of the Good Bad Girl web series. I hope you like it.

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