Goodbye My Princess Review MX Player 2022

Goodbye My Princess Review: Goodbye My Princess, a Chinese drama series, was released on MX Player this week.

A total of 20 episodes have been dubbed into the Hindi language, some of which are free and some are paid.

This series is 52 episodes long, and the rest of its episodes will be delivered week to week.

I just finished watching ten episodes of this series with Chai and Maggi, so my review will be based on that, I have seen this drama in Hindi, so if you have also seen it in Hindi like me, then through comments tell me how its Hindi dubbing was.

Disclaimer: Along with violence, romantic scenes have also been shown in this drama, so if you are planning to watch it with your family, then keep this thing in mind.

Goodbye My Princess Review

The story is of a princess who, despite not wanting to leave everything, accepts a political marriage so that in the coming times, peace will come to her empire.

Now to know the terms of that political marriage and what will change after that princess gets married.

If I judge this series based on its plot, there is no such drama here that you haven’t seen in Chinese-based movies or series. The story of this series is old, but some new flavors have been added, due to which you may like it.

Next, this series is not for everyone. It is a perfect choice for those who are tragic drama lovers, because after watching ten episodes of it, I understood that it is not easy to watch.

There is a lot of drama, war sequences, or interesting chemistry between the characters in this show. The set designs are also very good.

Goodbye My Princess Review MX Player

So far, whatever political drama I have seen in the story is decent; none has been very impressive. But yes, the vibe of a big conflict is definitely there, and going forward, it could become very terrible.

There was nothing special in the romance aspect. This series does not offer anything new in its story, I am pretty sure that many viewers would have already experienced such central theme-based dramas.


If you have not watched the Chinese series much, then you can give it a try. Personally, I found the bond between both the main lead characters, their love, and their chemistry impressive.

Similar things have also made me feel impressed, which is why I am excited to see it further. By the way, what are your thoughts about this drama? Are you excited to see it further? Tell me in the comments. 

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