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Goodnight Mommy Review

This morning I saw a picture called “Goodnight Mommy” on Amazon Prime, which is a physiological thriller.

The main focus of the story remains on Lukas or Elias, who go to meet their mother one day, and they learn that the mother has undergone facial surgery, due to which her face is covered with a bandage. However, Lukas or Elias soon begin to doubt that it is not our mother.

Don’t forget to watch it to know what happens next in the story.

Goodnight Mommy Review

First of all, this is a remake version of an Austrian film released in 2014, and I have not seen that original film, so I will not be able to compare the two; I am only sharing my experience with this remake film.

And if I tell the truth, then this is a fast paced psychological thriller. The storyteller will play very well with your mind from beginning to end; here you will get good suspense, tension, or thrill.

The most special thing about this film is that you will be able to connect with the characters very quickly, especially the children, and you will also be able to feel care for them.

With progress, the feeling towards the characters changes, and now why is it so? I am not going to spoil, but interesting twists and turns are also present in the story, and the ending also has a good emotional impact.

Overall, the performances of the actors are good, and the film music or production quality is also good.

Wrap Up

In the end, big information is revealed about the main character, which I had predicted half an hour ago would happen like this, so the ending of this film could not shock or surprise me as much as it should have.

And I am sure that you too can easily predict this big reveal.

But still, if you like watching psychological thrillers, this is a film worth watching for you.


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