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Halloween Ends review | Halloween Ends 2022 review | Halloween Ends Peacock

Halloween Ends is a slasher horror film that was released in theaters as well as on the Peacock streaming platform. 

“The Halloween Ends” is the final part of the Halloween film series released in 2018. That’s why before watching the Halloween Ends film, you must watch the 2018 Halloween movie and the Halloween Kills film released in 2021. 

Otherwise, the story of the Halloween Ends movie will go over your head, and nothing will be understood.

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Halloween Ends 2022 Review

The story of this final part begins four years ahead of the Halloween kills.

To be very honest, I liked the first part of this film a lot, but in its sequel, I did not find anything particularly impressive, and I believe that the story of this film should have been finished in its second part.

To stretch the story till part 3 wasn’t needed.

I am very disappointed to see the way the ending of this film has been executed, such an ending could easily have been done in part 1 or 2. According to me, there was no any need to continue the story for three films.

Michael Myers, or Laurie, was seen in the 2018 Halloween movie and he was liked by the audience, including me.

Then Michael Myers or Laurie was also seen in Halloween kills and everyone wanted to see a good ending but story was not ended due to which the fans of this movie franchise were disappointed.

And now in this part 3, Michael Myers is not even seen for the first half hour, this time a different story has been started after introducing a new character. 

The new character present in the story, with whom we do not have any emotional connection to build. Time was wasted in building the relationship between him and Allyson, and after 40-50 minutes, Michael Myers comes into the story, who has made a partner, and together they commit murders.

To be honest again, I laughed so much at this moment, I can’t tell.

At the time of the end of the film, the director of this film has hopefully remembered that now it’s time to show the audience Michael Myers vs Laurie, then in the end there is a fight happen between these two and this is where the movie ends. 


In short If you have watched the previous parts of this franchise, then without keeping your expectations too high, watch this film from home, no need to go to the cinema and spend your money on this film.

And if you are an audience that has not yet experienced this Halloween franchise, then I would tell you not to waste your time on this franchise and look for something better.

If you have already checked out this franchise then do share your opinion with us.


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