Hansan Rising Dragon Review: Amazon Prime

Hansan Rising Dragon Review

This week, a Korean film has been released on the Prime Video platform by converting it into a Hindi dubbed version called Hansan Rising Dragon, which you will have to spend two hours and nine minutes watching. Plus, you can enjoy this film with your entire family. 

In a very old Korean War segment seen in the story around 1562, the Japanese navy attacks the Korean navy by making a plan, and the Koreans are defeated in the first round, but their admiral does not give up and starts preparing for the final round. 

Now that the Japanese are about to attack Korea again, will the Korean navy be able to surprise the Japanese navy with its plans or not, and what will be the conclusion at the end?

Hansan Rising Dragon Review

The first half is a little bit boring because both sides are making their own plans to win the war, which may bore you, but the second half is full of wars, like when Admiral Japanese takes the Navy under his control and battleship surprises and mutual battles are fun to watch.

I had never seen such war sequences in a drama before; this was new to me. The feel of this film has been kept very periodic; I mean, the actor’s costumes, set pieces, and war tactics give it a realistic feel.

if you’ve read about the events depicted in the film or know a lot about Korea, they might be able to connect you; otherwise, you won’t understand the planning from a geopolitical standpoint.

Apart from the main lead actors, I could not connect anything special with anyone.


In case you want to watch a historical war drama film, which may bore you a bit in the first segment but is absolutely worth the money,

So yes, I would highly recommend you watch this Korean drama film, Hansan Rising Dragon.

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