Hellhole 2022 Review: Huge Lack of Horror

Hellhole 2022 review Hellhole is a horror movie that was released on Netflix. I am going to share whatever my general is after watching this drama.

It is the era of 1987, and Marek, who is an undercover police officer, is investigating some mysterious activities happening in the church at a remote location. So now you will watch this film to know what those mysterious activities are.

This is a religious horror movie. I found its start quite interesting, but as the story executed its situations, I was expecting this film to scare me, but it did not scare me.

Hellhole 2022 Review

According to me, this is a B-grade horror drama. There is no suspense, no tension, no intensity, no thrill, and no horror were present.

To be very honest with you all, this movie is not scary at all, and seeing its ending will make you laugh as well as angry because the creators have ended it in a cartoonist way, which will make you feel guilty after watching. Why did I spend my time on this?

In short, there is no character development, the actor performances are dreadful, the story lacks power, there is no horror, and the CGI or VFX work is dreadful.


At the end, I suggest you do not spend your valuable time on this film because it is a complete flop film and you are not going to get anything here except disappointment.

I feel that you can watch the Barbarian movie, which has recently been released on HBO Max or Vod, and it will not let your time get wasted.

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