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Inside Man 2022 Review: Inside Man is a crime drama series that was released on Netflix last evening.

The story is about four people: one of whom is a prisoner who is going to be sentenced to death; the other is an investigative journalist who is looking for a story; the third is a priest of the church; and the fourth is a teacher.

So these four get caught in a situation in which the death of one is certain, and now to know why and how it is so, you have to watch this Netflix brand new series, Inside Man.

Inside Man 2022 Review

This is a very stupid or illogical kind of show. It has huge loopholes in the story, due to which I could not enjoy this series at all.

Seeing the first episode of this series, you will get an idea of how much stupidity it is.

Now why I am saying this, I will tell you.

Inside Man Netflix

The priest in the story is given a USB by some church person, and further, he says that he should hide this USB somewhere because that person’s mother will find it. This is a small USB which could be hidden anywhere. That idiot placed that USB in the hands of a priest, and that priest keeps that USB somewhere in his house rather than in his office.

Then comes the twist in the story. The teacher of the priest’s son gets that USB, and he also comes to know that illegal stuff is present in this USB. He is going to report the priest’s son to the police because that teacher thinks that this USB belongs to the priest’s son. 

And now look at the stupidity of the priest. Instead of telling that teacher that this USB was given to me by a church member, he says that the USB is mine, and whatever is illegal in it is also mine.

At this point, the priest starts fighting with that teacher, and why he does this is completely incomprehensible to me. 

The priest knows that by doing this, my family and I can get into trouble, but despite all this, why does he say “exemption”? If anyone has understood this series, then I request that you please explain it to me.

The priest has no special relationship with the person whose crime the priest takes his head on, due to which he puts his family in danger.

And apart from this, some illogical things will be seen happening in this series, on which I can easily talk and can present more evil in front of you.


That’s why I did not find this series enjoyable. According to me, it is a time-wasting series. I do not want you to invest the precious time of your life in this. 

Personally, I am quite disappointed to see the Inside Man series on Netflix. By the way, what is your overall opinion of it? Tell me in the comments.

It’s good that you can spend your time on the crime mystery thriller series called The Devil’s Hour, released on Amazon Prime, which offers a solid mystery, good suspense, or overall taste of different genres. 

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