Is Chadwick Boseman in the new Black Panther?

Is Chadwick Boseman in the new Black Panther?

What can be the biggest challenge for a filmmaker, the whole film has been thought about an actor, but at the end moment he says goodbye to the world, Black Panther, who got recognition on the screen, Chadwick Boseman is no longer among us but the show must go on, and Marvel knows this very well and yes Black Panther is back

The story is not actually about Black Panther this time, but another character has hijacked this film. This character flies in the air, lives in water, and has been alive for about 400–500 years. 

Suddenly Namor thinks I have to conquer the whole world and starts off with the most powerful enemy so that the rest automatically fear him.

Will there be Chadwick in Black Panther 2?

The nation of Wakanda is shown in the film; it has lost its king and is not at all ready for any new work. As much as Namor is strong with his body, he is equally strong with his mind. It moves in such a way that the whole world starts considering Wakanda as its enemy, then surrounds Wakanda with strategy.

But the twist in the story comes when the superhero Black Panther of Wakanda returns after defeating death. Why and how? After all, who is behind the mask? There are many questions, and you will find the answers in the theater.

See, as I said, this film is not about Black Panther, so if you compare it with Part 1, then you are going to be disappointed. Yes, a proper tribute has been given to Chadwick Boseman, which he also deserves.

Frankly speaking, only Namor’s character is the highlight of this film, his backstory has been explored, a new world has been created around him, some underwater shots have been taken, which will appeal to you visually.

But sadly, there was nothing special apart from the graphics that you would expect from a Marvel movie. The backbone of this part is emotions, both the beginning and the end of the story end on emotions.

Black Panther 2 Review

Overall, my experience watching this movie in the theater was very positive; yes, the story was not compelling; however, this is now happening in Marvel’s mostly films and shows, which means that they are focusing more on their content quantity by not paying attention to the story, etc. 

Wakanda Forever has not been able to impress everyone like its first part, but you will enjoy watching it in the theater because it is definitely worth watching once. 

This time the story has been prepared from a new perspective, which was not easy at all for the creators; it was a big challenge, but still they have put in 100 percent effort from their side, and yes, this film will be liked by the audience. 


The character of Namor was quite impressive; all the actors’ performances were great as always, and everyone was able to make their character feel real. If you see this movie in a theater, your money will be well spent. 

By the way, watching it or not is up to you; don’t compare it with its first part, and if you have already seen the movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, then don’t forget to share your theater experience in the comments.

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