Is Entergalactic Movie Good: My Honest Opinion

Is Entergalactic Movie Good.

On Netflix, I just saw an adult romantic comedy-drama animated picture named Entergalactic, directed by Fletcher Moules.

If you enjoy watching romantic films, TV shows, etc., you must be at least eighteen years old, if not, skip this movie.

This movie comes with a nineteen-minute runtime. I saw it in Hindi dub, and personally, I thought its Hindi dubbing was impressive, and anyway, Netflix never disappoints in terms of Hindi dubbing.

Now, coming to the main point: Is it worth spending time on this animated picture? I will clear up this doubt for you now.

Is Entergalactic Movie Good

The story follows Jabari, who breaks up with his girlfriend, but they still live like good friends. The twist in the story comes when a new girl enters Jabari’s neighborhood, and Jabari falls in love with her.

Then you have to watch this computer-animated film to know what twists and turns are going to happen in the lives of these two. 

Entergalactic Movie Review

If I define Entergalactic in a few words, then it’s a fantastic romantic drama picture. If you have a mass audience, meaning you do not like watching content based on the romantic genre, then this is not for you.

All the focus of the story has been on the romantic aspect; there is nothing like thrill, action, or excitement. Now look at the creativity of the creators; they have explained human nature through the story chapter by chapter. 

I highly recommend this movie to overall romantic movie lovers to watch; whatever a romantic movie should have, you will get it. 

You will also be able to relate to yourself in some places by watching this film. Yes, you heard it right. According to my experience, its animation and graphics were very impressive, compared to other computer animation movies or series.

The music in this film was also excellent. There are neither twists and turns in this film, nor too many extraordinary things have been explored, you may have already seen those things, which are shown in its romantic angle. 


If you want to see a romantic picture in animation style, then this is the best choice, and I don’t think this type of animated movie is available in the market. If you are not a romantic lover, then there is no need to see it; skip it.

So, that was my review of the film “Entergalactic,” and I hope you got the answer.

Do not miss the Entergalactic romantic computer animation film, which is only available on Netflix.


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