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Jhansi Hotstar Web Series Review: Jhansi Hotstar

Jhansi is an Indian Telugu thriller drama web series that has appeared on Disney Plus Hotstar and is directed by Thiru.

The story of this series focuses on a character named Jhansi. Jhansi forgets her past and lives with a person. Jhansi sees some memories of her past in her dreams, so what was Jhansi’s past?

To know everything about who Jhansi was in her past, you have to watch this series, which is available on Disney Plus Hotstar, which has 6 episodes, and each episode is around 35 minutes.

Jhansi Hotstar Web Series

Honestly, this series started on a very good and positive note, but as it progressed, things got out of balance. Its screenplay is kept in a non-linear way, and for this reason, your interest will remain.

All the twists that come in front of them look like route type. Jhansi’s character was interesting and showed strength, but apart from that, the other characters were loose. Even the negative characters in the story were not explored well. 

The cinematography of the series is very good and good. You will get to see some amazingly good shorts, and the locations are also presented very well. 

The background music for this show is very powerful. Anjali Chandini Chowdary, who plays the Jhansi character, has presented her character very well.

The production value of this show is superb, but its VFX was very poor. Most of the VFX shorts were very disappointing to me. To be very honest with you again, the ending of this series was very ridiculous, meaning one of the worst endings ever. 

I would like to tell the creators of this show that if you are making a mystery thriller show, then at least unfold some of its mysteries, but they left everything on Season 2.

Jhansi Hotstar

The story’s twists and turns were good, but the climax was completely useless, and I also noticed a severe lack of logic in the story, as well as a lack of common sense. For example, if a leader gets kidnapped and there is no discussion about it, is it a joke?

If I praise the action scenes, they were good, especially in hand to-hand combat. Some action scenes are just over the top. It is a Telugu drama, and it is dubbed in Hindi, I found its Hindi dubbing decent. 


Overall, Jhansi is not a special show. I did not enjoy it much, but yes, everyone has a different point of view, so maybe you might like this series.

This show is not familiar because a lot of abusive language has been used here, and there are some adult scenes too, but they are not completely nude or vulgar. 

So guys, this was my review of the Jhansi web series. I hope you enjoy it. 

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