Kantara Day 53 Official Worldwide Collection

Kantara Day 53 Official Worldwide Collection

Currently Kantara is a little down at the box office, but it has made a good record, earning crores every day in almost twelve days, which is miraculous in itself.

It is a matter of pity that in the Hindi version, this film earned one crore and twenty lakh rupees, which is a record-breaking thing; even films like Bahubali and Pushpa could not earn this much.

This week, on Monday, it has earned sixty lakh rupees in multiple languages: twenty lakh rupees from Kannada, thirty lakh rupees from Hindi, and ten lakh rupees from Telugu. That means Kantara’s earnings have been sixty lakh rupees net; they are seventy five lakh rupees gross.

Kantara Day 53 Official Worldwide Collection

Right now, overseas earnings have come down completely. And on Sunday, it earned one crore ten lakh rupees in Hindi, eighty lakh rupees in Kannada, twenty lakh rupees in Telugu, and fifteen lakh rupees in Malayalam. Yes, it earned two crore seventy lakh rupees on Sunday.

Now, on Saturday, there was an earnings of one crore sixty-nine rupees; if I add up the earnings over the previous 53 days, the total is three hundred and four crore rupees. Kantara has officially earned Rs 340 crore in 53 days.

The total earned in Kannada is 160 crores in 53 days, and in Hindi, it has earned 81.72 crore rupees in the same number of days; yes, it has not reached 100, but still, it is a lot.

Kantara has earned 41.94 crore rupees within 38 days in Telugu. 7.29 crore in Tamil in 38 days, and the official figure of 13 crore from Malayalam has come out in thirty days.

Kantara the film has made a fortune in 53 days. In terms of overseas earnings, 33 crore rupees were earned in fifty-three days, while gross India was 358 crore twenty-five lakh rupees.

Kantara Worlwide Collection

Overall, worldwide, Kantara has crossed the figure of 391 crore 35 lakh rupees, i.e., 399 crore. Many people had predicted that 390 would go to Kantara. And I am confident that it will easily surpass the Rs 400 crore mark.

You think for yourself: when its overall collection can go up to 390 in just fifty-three days, then 400 crores is not far away. Well, what do you think? Tell me in the comments. See you soon, but that’s it for now.

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