Khakee The Bihar Chapter Review: Khakee Netflix

Khakee The Bihar Chapter Review: Khakee Netflix

Netflix has been fading in terms of Indian content. Yes, some series have been good, but Netflix has consistently failed to deliver good Indian content. But now they have the support of Neeraj Pandey.

Yes, finally Neeraj Pandey’s new show Khakee: The Bihar Chapter has arrived on Netflix, and now I am reviewing it for you.

To begin, this series is inspired by true events. The story is of a police officer named Amit who is sent to a small town in Bihar to catch a big gangster named Chandan there. Will you get it or not? This is something to see.

Khakee The Bihar Chapter Review

Look, I reviewed MX Player’s series Dharavi Bank a few days ago, and whatever I said about it, if I say the same thing for this series, then it will not be wrong at all.

Khakee: The Bihar Chapter is for those who like Indian crime dramas very much and have not yet explored the crime drama genre much.

I can say with confidence that those who liked the Dharavi Bank Web Series, will also like this series and will be well engaged in its story.

Along with the dirty politics in the story, the police corruption angle, the rise or fall of a gangster, and what kind of challenges an honest, brave police officer has to face while working in the corruption system, all this was shown in this series.

And the story has twists, action, thrilling moments, likable characters, and some characters that you will hate the whole time.

Khakee The Bihar Chapter Cast

Actors’ performances were great, and talented actors like Karan Tacker, Avinash Tiwary, Abhimanyu Singh, Jatin Sarna, Ravi Kishan, Ashutosh Rana, Nikita Dutta, and Anup Soni are part of this series, so obviously I have no issue with the acting department’s work.


There is nothing to offer even in this series, you must have already seen this type of story in many movies or series, these types of stories are outdated nowadays, even if they are inspired by real events.

Such content has been repeated many times, even the characters are not new, and believe me, if I did not have to review it, I would have left it in the middle after watching the first two episodes.


In my opinion, this is a typical time-passing series, if you enjoy watching crime dramas and have no prior experience with the genre, you can definitely pass some time by watching Khakee The Bihar Chapter.

There is no need to wait for the release of season 2 because the story is concluded in season 1. You can watch it while sitting your family as well.

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