Mili Movie 2022 Review | Survival Thriller

Mili Movie 2022: I recently saw a movie called “Mili” in a cinema near my house, which is a survival thriller. Already two films have been made on the subject of this one.

The story focuses on Mili, who does a part-time job in a fast food shop, and one day Mili is accidentally imprisoned for five hours in the freezer room of the same fast food shop; neither she nor his voice can go out. So will Mili be able to survive in this situation or not? That is the story of this film.

Mili Movie 2022 Review

If this film is seen from a positive or negative aspect, then positives according to me. First of all, I would like to say something about Jhanvi Kapoor’s acting. Finally, after so many films, I found Jhanvi Kapoor’s acting in this film to be natural; seeing them, there was a feeling of newness, especially in the survival scenes.

The second half is completely creepy, and the second half plays out a complete survival sequence. Apart from Mili, other supporting characters like Mili’s father, her boyfriend, or even the inspector have done their jobs well.

There is also a 1- to 2-minute cameo of a big Bollywood actor in this film, which I feel is nice to see. It’s a survival thriller, and the creators don’t waste your time by adding extravagant songs, etc., and there is not much need for songs in this genre anyway. 

Negative Point 

The story of this film is not original, so those who have seen its original version will not get anything special.

With the story built up in the first half, it takes about an hour to start a survival thriller, which is what most people are going to see. If you take time to show it, then no doubt the public will become bored. The same happened to me. I was getting quite bored in the first half. 

mili movie 2022 review

The entire first half goes into building up the story, but the survival aspect in the second half could have become more interesting or fast-paced.

In this film, music plays in the background that does not match the situations at all, and the music is given by none other than my favorite A. R. Rahman.

The survival thriller of this film is nothing special; yes, a couple of scenes were quite impressive, but overall, it could have been better.

Cast Away and 127 Hours, which are popular films for showing a brilliant survival, although I should not make any comparisons, the concept of Mili still had a lot of potential. 


Overall, “Mili is an average survival thriller film; you can watch it with your family, and it is a must watch once.

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