Mukhbir Web Series Review ZEE5 Introduced SPY Thriller

Mukhbir Web Series Review

Mukhbir, an Indian spy thriller series, premiered on ZEE5 under the direction of Shivam Nair or Jayprad Desai, with scripts by Arshad Sayyed and Vaibhav Modi.

This series has come with 8 episodes, and each episode is kept around 35 to 40 minutes.

The story focuses on the 1965 era, when the Indian intelligence agency thinks that Pakistan is planning to do something big on the borders, so the Indian agency sends one of its agents, Harfan, to Pakistan so that he can know in advance about the dangerous plans of the Pakistan Army. 

So whether Harfan will be able to succeed in this deadly mission or not, which is something to be seen, and what kind of challenges he has to face while carrying out this mission, you will have to watch this series to know.

Mukhbir Web Series Review

The trailer for this series states that its story is inspired by true events, but a warning is given at the beginning of episode one that its story and characters are all fictionalized, meaning they have no relation to reality; thus, the trailer for this series is misleading.

Well, this is a very ordinary or typical type of spy thriller, which may be liked by those who have experienced very few spy dramas in their lives. But the pro audience will not like these shows at all, because it is a very pale show for the pro audience.

That urgency, that anger, that thrill, that suspense, or that tension is not present in this show, which keeps the pro audience tied from start to finish. By “pro audience,” I mean those who have already watched spy thriller dramas like me.

Nor does this show bring anything new to the spy genre, the story of this series was very predictable for me; there is no emotional connection between the characters; and there is no good action in this series.

Yes, there were gunfight scenes shown in the last few episodes.

The actors’ performances were very good, I also liked listening to the music, and the period settings of the story were also good.


In short, if your audience enjoys spy thrillers but you haven’t done much research in this genre yet, you can watch this series for a while without setting any unrealistic expectations.

The story ends in a satisfying way; even if season 2 doesn’t come, it won’t matter. But the creators have left the doors open for season 2; if they want, they can easily send agent Harfan on some other mission.

And yes, you can also watch this series with your family. So how did you guys like this series? If you liked my review, then definitely tell me in the comments.

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