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Naane Varuven Movie Review: (Naane Varuven Review)

Welcome, my dear readers. We will talk about the Tamil film Naane Varuven, released two days ago on Amazon Prime by Selvaraghavan.

Naane Varuven is a horror-thriller genre-based film that has a runtime of around 2 hours and 15 minutes.

By the way, originally this film was released on September 29, 2022, and now finally it has been released on OTT.

Naane Varuven Movie Review

For me, this Tamil film has proved to be a decent one-time watch. It has neither become anything extraordinary nor is it a bad film.

This film had an idea or concept with which it could have become an even more amazing picture, but I did not understand why a director like Selvaraghavan was in such a hurry to finish its story.

A lot could have been made better here, like character writing, the level of depth in the story could have been increased, but everything is missed due to its fast screenplay, but the concept, idea, or overall theme of this film is quite good.

And for this reason, this film has been successful in impressing in some places to a large extent.

In particular, the first half of the story is very good. There are good thrilling moments. There is a mystery which easily engages you, but the way two Dhanush were already shown in the trailer and knowing that one is good and the other is bad, this thing was presented in the story in a straightforward way.

Due to this, as soon as the second half starts, you will be able to easily predict things that are happening in the story.

If it is shown in the story that the character named Pratik is dreadful and dangerous, then why is he? How is it? Why is his brother Prabhu afraid of him? How did such things develop inside him? Has Prabhu ever tried to confront his brother Pratik?

Nothing is shown with depth here. And for this reason, when Pratik or Prabhu collide in the climax, then there is no tension or thrill generated.

Naane Varuven Story

I personally feel that if the story was presented in a non-linear way, who is good, who is evil, without keeping this point in the beginning, if it was revealed gradually in the second half, then I am sure the Naane Varuven story would become quite engaging.

Due to a lack of depth in the characters and because of not giving the situations a chance to build up, the tension or thrill that should have come in the climax does not come at all.

naane varuven movie review
naane varuven movie review

Even in the climax, childish kinds of things have been shown, they can also be called small children’s plays.

With this idea or concept, things should be conveyed and the convention that was wanted. This idea does not get it because of its fast-paced screenplay.

Actor Dhanush’s performance has no doubt been superbly impressive, especially in the second half when his evil character comes out. His work was very good.


You can watch this film once without any expectations for its first half or Dhanush’s strong performance. It has not become an extraordinary film, but yes, it is not a very bad film either.

So this was my overall review of the Naane Varuven movie. You can also share your opinion with us in the comments.

Bye, see you.

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