Overdose 2022 Movie Review | Didn’t Enjoyable

Overdose 2022 Movie Review: Overdose is a French crime drama film that has now been distributed by Amazon Prime on its platform.

The story of this drama film is very simple: a dangerous drug lord is looking for the police of Spain or France. To learn what conditions the police have to face to catch this drug lord, watch this film.

Overdose 2022 Movie Review

To be honest, there is nothing new in the story of this film; even such a story has started appearing in Bollywood as well, but still, if anyone likes to watch crime dramas, you have not explored much content on the crime drama genre, so yes, you can watch this movie.

The action was not much, but yes, I was really impressed seeing the gun fight scenes. The rest of the actors’ performances, the music, or the overall production quality is decent. 

Weak Points 

As I said, the story of this film does not offer anything new, you must have already experienced such a story in other crime dramas, plus the character’s development is also very weak.

if you are an audience that has already seen everything in crime dramas. Well, then sorry to way, you will not be able to invest emotionally in the story and characters of this film.


In short, if you don’t have anything else to do or watch and you like crime dramas, then, without keeping your expectations too high, you can watch this movie to pass the time; otherwise, you should just skip it.

And this film cannot be watched with family because of sex and nudity. 

I am also very excited about Korean dramas because their content is unique each time. For example, Sky Castle is a Korean series that I saw on MX Player a few days ago, whose original release is 2018, and if it has the word “if defined,” mind-blowing yes, it is a hundred times better to give your time to that than to waste it on a movie like Overdose.

To know more, check out my Sky Castle review, where I have explained everything in detail without giving any spoilers. 

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