Goodnight Mommy Review 2022 | Worth Your Time

Goodnight Mommy Review

Goodnight Mommy Review This morning I saw a picture called “Goodnight Mommy” on Amazon Prime, which is a physiological thriller. The main focus of the story remains on Lukas or Elias, who go to meet their mother one day, and they learn that the mother has undergone facial surgery, due to which her face is … Read more

The Swimmers Review: Incredible Story

the swimmers review

The Swimmers Review A movie named The Swimmer has been released recently on Netflix, which I have lost sight of; you will have to spend around two hours to watch it. The best thing is that it has also come in Hindi, and you can show it to your family as well, but its content … Read more

Revenge Of Others Disney Plus: My Honest Review 🤔

revenge of others disney plus

Revenge of Others Disney Plus: My Honest Review 🤔 Yesterday I watched two consecutive Korean series, the first being Reborn Rich and the second being Revenge Of Others. Revenge Of Others is a South Korean television series that premiered on Disney Plus on November 9, 2022, with a total of twelve episodes. According to me, … Read more

Reborn Rich Kdrama Review: So Amazing

reborn rich kdrama review

Reborn Rich Kdrama Review If you get a chance to go back to your past, what would you like to change—your mistake or your decision? This year’s one of the most anticipated Korean series, Reborn Rich, has finally come in front of us; currently, only three episodes have been released, which I have finished watching. … Read more

Action Thriller Web Series on Netflix [10 Best]

action thriller web series on netflix

Since you’re reading this, I can assume that you enjoy watching and reading about action-thriller television shows and movies. So here is my list of the top 10 best action thriller web series that you should not miss. All of us moviegoers love action thrillers because who would want to miss an experience in the … Read more

Hansan Rising Dragon Review: Amazon Prime

hansan rising dragon review

Hansan Rising Dragon Review This week, a Korean film has been released on the Prime Video platform by converting it into a Hindi dubbed version called Hansan Rising Dragon, which you will have to spend two hours and nine minutes watching. Plus, you can enjoy this film with your entire family.  In a very old … Read more

Dharavi Bank Web Series Review: MX Player Dhamaka

Dharavi Bank Web Series Review

Dharavi Bank Web Series Review: MX Player Dhamaka Dharavi Bank is a crime thriller series that was released on MX Player. I have tasted it recently, and whether you should taste it or not, I will tell you.  The story is based in Dharavi, where a powerful crime lord named Thalaivan rules.  So the task … Read more

Little Nemo in Slumberland: Is Slumberland a Good Movie? 🤔

little nemo in slumberland

Little Nemo in Slumberland: Is Slumberland a Good Movie? Slumberland is a fantasy adventure film that just came out on Netflix. My purpose in watching this film is that it’s Hindi dubbed; I mostly like to watch Hindi language dramas. If you have seen the trailer of this film, you must know that it is … Read more

Somebody Kdrama Review 🥱 | Psychological Thriller

somebody kdrama review

Somebody Kdrama review Now a new Korean series has been released on Netflix called Somebody; seeing the trailer, I did not get any special vibe. Somebody is a South Korean psychological thriller series; the best thing I found is that it has been translated into Hindi. So the story is about a serial killer who … Read more

Country Mafia Web Series Review | Overdose 😨😱😰

country mafia web series

Country Mafia Web Series Review  A new action drama series has just arrived on ZEE5 named Country Mafia, directed by Shashank Rai. The story is set in Bihar, where two brothers and sisters, Ajey or Nannu, dream of becoming IAS and are preparing for it, but something else is written in their fate; their father … Read more