Pathan Teaser Review | King Khan is Back!!!

Pathan Teaser Review

Finally, the teaser of Shahrukh Khan’s comeback movie Pathan has arrived, and personally, I am very excited for this film because, almost four years later, the King of Bollywood is now making a comeback. 

The Pathan film has been in the works for a long time; its shooting started in November 2020, and now, in 2023, we will get to see it in cinemas. 

The action sequence that was seen at the start of the teaser, I think, will be introduced first. Tsunami, devastation—such words have to come out of your mouth when you see the first teaser of the Pathan movie. It’s outstanding.

Pathan Teaser

pathan teaser

Pathan Teaser Review

After seeing its teaser, it has come to know at what level this film has been made, and it has made the day today.

Every scene, every moment was a blast, and all the places I got to see the superb and the way Shahrukh Khan’s look was shown, I don’t have words yet to praise him, and the horrific way in which he laughs, Goosebumps. 

Seeing Shahrukh Khan in big hair and that too shirtless, along with girls, boys are going to fall madly in love with him. 

Most of his action scenes in this particular martial art were very amazing. John Abraham is also a part of this film, and the way the makers show the battle between SRK and John Abraham is mind blowing.

Siddharth Anand is the director of this film, and if there is no action, it is not possible. In a way, Hollywood-like stuff is present. 

Locations are good, cinematography is good, color grading is good, and I was very impressed with the VFX. It was nice to see the way graphics, etc. were present in the explosion shorts. 

Pathan Story

I was impressed to see John Abraham, but the way he shouts loudly in one scene, absolutely nonsense. Apart from this, I liked everything else about him.

And I also liked the BGM of this film. 

There should be a quality in the teaser of any movie so that the viewers can be attracted to watch the film which was present in Pathan’s teaser. 

The work of creating excitement among the public has been done very well, the teaser cut is done very well; the editing is also good; and I trust Siddharth Anand, especially his hand, which is very tight in terms of giving action. 

The action scenes of this film are going to be so amazing that the cinema house will become a stadium; Srk’s entry will give a blast to the theaters, mark my words.

The character of John Abraham will be known only after the trailer or film comes out, but right now, the teaser is all about SRK, and I love it. Deepika Padukone also got a glimpse in the teaser, but she was not seen doing anything. 


Earlier, I did not have any special expectations about the Pathan movie, but after watching the teaser, I have very high expectations.

Now let’s see how the Pathan movie is, which will be released next year on January 25, 2023. So guys, this was my review of Pathan’s little teaser, and I hope you enjoy knowing it.

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