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Pearl 2022 Movie Review: Pearl is a physio-slasher film which has now been delivered on VOD but not in the Hindi language.

This film is actually a prequel to the slasher horror film X released this year, so if you have not seen that film yet, watch it first.

The X film is available on Amazon Prime. In this prequel film, the origin story of the old villain who was in the first part is shown.

According to me, Pearl 2022 is the perfect follow-up to X Film. I had enjoyed the X film a lot, although I keep a distance from horror, etc., movies or series, but I found its concept interesting, so I decided to watch it. Otherwise, if there was any other horror film, I would have skipped it.

Pearl 2022 Movie Review

This film is a very dark physiological drama where you will also get to see the slasher element, so don’t look at this drama with the mindset that it will be a slasher horror film. Here you will get to see brutal scenes, and you will get scared after watching the film, like this won’t happen.

Although some killing scenes are seen in the story, the focus of this film is not on the slasher element but on the physiological drama. 

This time a physiological breakdown of Pearl’s character has been seen, due to which you will see, know, and understand how Pearl became a killer, the reason why Pearl starts killing people, and believe me, there is a good emotional weight present in the story.

Pearl is not a likable character because of her antics. It feels like it wants to hate it, but it also feels sympathy and empathy for it after knowing its thoughts, feelings, or desires. And good emotional intensity conversations also happen in the story.

One scene is about 5 to 6 minutes of uncut emotional scene in which only you will get to see a closeup of Pearl. You can also call this scene one of the best. 

The less we praise Mia Goth, the less. He has given an outstanding performance, and apart from that, the work of the other actors is very good.

The story of this picture is a little bit predictable, some beats you will be able to predict easily, and except for Pearl, the development of other characters is limited to surf level only. 


It is a solid psychological drama, and also an enjoyable film. I would recommend that you watch the X film first, followed by its prequel, Pearl, and the third installment of this franchise will be released soon.

Keep in mind that these films cannot be watched with families because they contain sex scenes or nudity. 

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