Reborn Rich Kdrama Review: So Amazing

Reborn Rich Kdrama Review

If you get a chance to go back to your past, what would you like to change—your mistake or your decision?

This year’s one of the most anticipated Korean series, Reborn Rich, has finally come in front of us; currently, only three episodes have been released, which I have finished watching.

Although this series is comprised of sixteen episodes, the remaining episodes will be provided on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, i.e., three by three, and the length of each episode is one hour plus.

I have seen only three episodes, so I will not be able to comment on parental guidance, but yes, all three episodes were very clean.

If you are a fan of South Korean actors like Song Joong-Ji or any other factor that has attracted you to this Korean series, then let’s find out whether this series will be able to deliver as much as you are thinking or not.

Reborn Rich Webtoon

The story follows the Jin family of South Korea, who have a huge business empire in Korea. There are many members present in this family who are ready to hunt like vultures, meaning they are just waiting for an opportunity so that he can take over.

Song Joong-ki, as Jin Do-joon, works as a secretary in charge of this family. Next, the Jin family is quite complicated. And all of the members of this family have been divided into the categories of Alpha zero, Alpha one, Alpha two, Alpha three, or Alpha four.

But the twist in the story starts coming when a character becomes a victim of fraud. Someone in the Jin family has planned to murder Song Joong Ki, causing him to become trapped in another time zone.

What is the mystery behind this situation, and whether Song Joong Ki will be able to exact revenge on his killer or not? You will have to watch this series to find out. 

Reborn Rich Kdrama Review

If I define this series in a few words, then it’s interesting, engaging, and entertaining, but so far I have not seen much innovation in its concept.

So far, everything pertaining to Song Joong-ki’s character has been seen. It is appealing, whether it is his parents’ dynamics or the way he works for the Jin family without a doubt; it is personally quite impressive.

The last 15 minutes of episode 1 made me a little bit emotional about this character, it occurred to me that I cannot see anything bad about this.

Till now the Jin family has not been explored much, the motive, desire and problems of the characters present in this family have not been explained in these three episodes but yes characters are likable.

A question will pop into your head as you watch this series: What does this family want? Until now, this series has been played from an emotional standpoint, so the emotional or tension factor has been completely absent.

In terms of background music, cinematography, or production value, you will not be disappointed.

Weak Spot

So far, this series has not offered much new in the name of its concept, those who have already seen movies or series on this theme or concept may not be much surprised after seeing its three episodes.

I am sure that the upcoming episodes of this series will be good, but the issue is that right now it is not available in Hindi for Hindi-speaking audiences like me.


Overall, the Reborn Rich Korean series is entertaining and engaging. There are many things yet to happen in the rest of the story, which I will talk about later.

Like me, you’ve watched the first three episodes of the Reborn Rich series. Write in the comment section about how much fire you found here.

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