Revenge Of Others Disney Plus: My Honest Review 🤔

Revenge of Others Disney Plus: My Honest Review 🤔

Yesterday I watched two consecutive Korean series, the first being Reborn Rich and the second being Revenge Of Others.

Revenge Of Others is a South Korean television series that premiered on Disney Plus on November 9, 2022, with a total of twelve episodes.

According to me, it is a good choice for revenge-type dramas or mystery lovers.

Revenge of Others Disney Plus

Simply, if I describe it a little without spoiling it, then the story is of a twin brother or sister who are orphans and are adopted by different families, due to which they have to live in different cities, but no matter how far the distance is, love always remains in them.

There is a mutual interaction between both brother and sister, and suddenly one day there is a storm in their lives. When the sister comes to know that her brother has committed suicide, she is not ready to believe that my brother can do something like this. Because of this, she sets out to solve her brother’s murder mystery.

She reaches her brother’s high school and adopts the environment there. To know who will become her enemy in this journey, you will have to watch this South Korean series to know what twists and turns happen.

Revenge Of Others Review

Right now I have seen only four episodes of this series, and all four episodes have been a very enjoyable ride for me. Here it is basically playing with words; not one revenge but multiple revenges are seen in the story, and the writing that has been done in the drama, plot, or screenplay is charming.

The writing of the chemistry of the characters was done very well, due to which you will connect with them in the very first episode; emotion, fight, enjoyment, drama, or family drama, all things will be well connected to you. 

The creator of this show is very smart; he knew what he was going to make, and he has made and presented this show from the point of view of a younger audience.

Lead actors have been seen shining a lot, be it Lomon, Shin Ye-eun, Seo Ji-hoon, etc. We all saw Lomon in “All of us are dead.” Everyone’s performance has been very good.


Although the mystery angle has been explored, it has not been done in a thrilling manner, but the clue of layers has begun to unfold in four episodes.

I haven’t felt the newness in its story yet; I have already seen such a story, but it was an enjoyable experience for me. As I mentioned in the beginning, maybe something new will be seen in the coming episodes.

Overall, you should try this Korean Revenge of Others series because it has action and emotion drama, and if you’ve seen all four episodes like me, please share your thoughts in the comments.

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