Rorschach Malayalam Movie Review

Rorschach Malayalam Movie Review 

I have recently seen the Malayalam supernatural action thriller film Rorschach on Disney Plus Hotstar, whose overall length is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

The plot follows the character of Luke, who claims that he had an accident near the forest and his wife disappeared, now the police think that his wife must have been eaten by a wild animal, but Luke doesn’t accept this, he goes and starts living around the same area where their wife disappear. 

Now, overall, what is its mystery? Where, after all, is Luke’s wife? To know, you have to watch this Malayalam drama film, “Rorschach.

Rorschach Malayalam Movie Review

If I define Rorschach in a few words, then it’s different, but still I have found shortcomings in it. First of all, its story is decent, and due to the small elements, this film is completely different from the rest of the supernatural action thriller dramas. 

There is a lot of complexity to be seen in this film, things have been bandaged in some places, so due to this, you have to watch it with your attention, and the climax was very good, where the layers of twists were opened. 

Also, there is a good explanation of what is happening, Luke is a multi line character, and its character arc has been shown very well.

The work of Mammootty Sir, who played the character of Luke, was very good. He is a complete actor, his expressions are good, and his voice modulation is also of superb level. Even the work of all the other actors was impressive. 

Technically, it’s a well made film, the cinematographer has played a great game with it, and the way creators play with lights in the scenes is incredible.

One of the plus point is the BGM of this film too, because BGM has done wonders everywhere, be it thriller scenes, low note, high note.

Physiological element has also been seen doing a good job here. 


This is an extremely slow film, so people who do not like to watch slow dramas should stay away from this film.

When the suspense was brought to the forefront during the intermission, the second half fell completely flat; in my opinion, the suspense should have been opened in the climax, so that the second half did not fall flat.

There has also been a lack of logic in some places in the movie, and its screenplay has been seen in zigzag format.


Overall, Rorschach Malayalam Movie is not for everyone, but because of a unique approach or element, you should watch it at least once. And yes, it can be followed by family members as well.

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