Shantaram Web Series Review | Shantaram Apple TV

Shantaram web series review: Shantaram Apple TV

Shantaram is a drama series which was recently released on Apple Plus. This series consists of 12 episodes, but currently only 3 have been released. The rest of the episodes will be released one by one every Friday.

And along with English this web series has also been brought in Hindi language.

Whatever I felt after watching the first three episodes of this series, I will share it with you all.

Shantaram Web Series Review

The story of Lin, an Australian prisoner who escapes from prison, and comes to Bombay City, falls in love with this city, and also befriends a poor guide.

Lin’s troubles escalate when all his encounters are stolen and he starts living in a slum area near the hotel where he meets a big don of Bombay City, and then what happens in the story after that. You have to watch this series to know.

The production quality of this show is absolutely top-notch, visually it looks great on the screen and the city of Bombay is beautifully captured, and the music of this show is also good.

Overall, this series is highly praised in its technical aspect, and I found the actors’ performances to be decent too. 

I personally like Lin’s character. When Lin comes to Bombay, he makes friends with a boy named Prabhu, and I like the way the relationship is shown between them. 

Episode 1 is a good start to the entire series, and by the end of Episode 1, I’m sure your interest in the story has developed, and you’ll definitely want to watch Episode 2 as well.

But I didn’t like episodes 2, or 3 very much, and the way episode 3 ends at that point, unfortunately there wasn’t a cliffhanger that would make me want to watch episode 4.

Shantaram Web Series

It is shown in the story that Lin now wants to run away from the city of Bombay; his passport, etc., are all stolen, and some people have also become enemies of Lin’s life.

Lin gets a chance to run away, but doesn’t know, Lin changes his decision and he wants to help the people there by staying in the slum, the people with whom he has met only a few days.

Whereas nothing was shown anywhere in the story that could prove that Lin get so attached to the people living in those slum area, I did not feel believe or real at all in this character coming through such a big change.

Just think, a person whose life is in danger, some people want to kill him, his passport has also been stolen, and finally he gets a chance to get rid of these difficulties, but in the end, he is helping people. 

To bring about such a big change, a strong buildup is needed, which is completely missing here.

I did not get to see anything special or new in the rest of the mafia drama that is present in this series. 

Wrap Up

Overall, the three episodes of this show are off to a decent start, but maybe my feelings towards this series will change once I watch the show in its entirety.

Look, don’t waste your time on this show, let it be released completely only then watch it. And yes this series is not worth watching with family.

If you have also watched the first three episodes of this series like me, then you can share your good and bad opinions with us.

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